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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Obama Refuses Russian Invite to Come for V-Day Celebrations

01 Thank a Russian WW2 Soldier for Kicking Hitler's Arse


00 Thank You Grandpa for the Victory. 27.07.14

Here are MY heroes… to hell with all those who praise the collaborationists! 


On Tuesday, US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft said that US President Barack Obama isn’t yet planning to come to Moscow in May to take part in major celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Tefft said that he isn’t aware of such plans. When asked if he was aware of any technical preparations for a possible visit, the American diplomat said that as far as he knew, there aren’t any such plans. In December, I N Morozov, a senior member of the International Committee of the RF Federation Council, said that Obama made a “big strategic mistake” by turning down Moscow’s invitation. Morozov pointed up that through this action Obama clearly demonstrated that he put ambition above globally recognised humanitarian values.

20 January 2015




The Soviet soldiers of the Red Army were the allies of American World War II vets. The Galician Uniate Hiwis, Galician SS VOLUNTEER Division, and Trawniki Männer were the enemies of those vets. The USA supports those who adulate Nazi opponents of humanity whilst it opposes those who look to Russia, which liberated the death camps and hung Nazi criminals. I seem to see a disconnect here… especially, on the part of neocon Republicans and interventionist Democrats. Obama spat in the face of all World War II vets by this… however, he’s not alone… the American Establishment, both Republican and Democrat, has spat on those vets for years by supporting Croatian, Balt, and “Ukrainian” elements that were fervent supports of Nazism in World War II. “Those who lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas”… indeed, that’s one of the reasons why America is in the shape’s that it’s in. It’s kept “bad company”, and we all know what our parents said about that…

Let History Judge…



Putin Excluded from Holocaust Commemorations

Liberation of Auschwitz by Red Army. 12.11

The Red Army liberated Auschwitz… to exclude V V Putin is to spit in the face of all the surviving World War II vets and of all camp survivors to suck up to Nazi collaborationists, Nazis, and their successors. The Ukraine is now ruled by those who revere Nazi collaborationists and who allow neofascists to prance around in SS uniforms in public. None dare call it evil and obscene… 


Glancing at the headlines, one might believe President Putin had inappropriately decided not to attend Holocaust commemorations in Poland. In one breathtaking display of misinformation, Reuters reported in its article Putin will not attend Holocaust commemorations in Poland that, “On Monday, sources told Reuters that Putin was unlikely to join world leaders gathering at the site of the Auschwitz death camp because distrust caused by the conflict in the Ukraine cast a pall on arrangements”. In reality, Poland, the nation hosting the commemorations, never invited Russian leader. The geopolitical thrust and accompanying misinformation wants to reinforce the perception that Russia is now a hegemonic threat, on par with Nazi Germany during World War II. Reality couldn’t contradict this contrived narrative more.

On 22 June 1941, Operation Barbarossa began. Three massive German armies moved at lightning speed into the USSR as part of a long-anticipated Nazi attempt to conquer Russia. The invasion would quickly overwhelm unprepared Russian forces, bringing German armies up to the gates of several major Russian cities, including Moscow. Along their way, Nazi forces would carry out mass arrests and executions of Eastern European Jews, Slavs, and Russians. The Russian people and their allies fought bitterly at the cost of millions of lives to first slow, then, stop the invasion, then, turn it back, before finally reaching the gates of Berlin themselves. Europe’s Jews, imprisoned and mass murdered by the millions, owe their eventual liberation to the heroic sacrifices of the Russian people who fought the majority of the war in Europe against Germany, years before American boots landed on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.

Thus, President Putin represents a nation and people that formed the vanguard against the Nazi scourge and ended the threat of fascism in Europe. At the end of the war, whilst American soldiers found Hitler’s death camps shocking, the Russian people lived the nightmare of Germany’s systematic regional genocide for years, first-hand. Putin’s exclusion from Holocaust commemorations is more than mere politics; it warns us that an old enemy once again stirs in its dark lair. After the end of World War II, the Americans, along with their newly formed NATO alliance, quickly used Nazis who surrendered to them so as not to face “justice” at the hands of the Soviets for their serial crimes against humanity. The Americans integrated them into some more noble causes such as space exploration, but also amongst darker networks including intelligence, propaganda, and even domestic terror networks (later, known notoriously as Operation Gladio).

At the end of the World War, NATO consistently backed former Nazis and their ideological allies in Soviet territory like the Ukraine, to resist Soviet rule. These networks have survived, continuously, and manifest themselves even today in the form of the current Kiev junta, which violently overthrew the elected Ukrainian government between late 2013 and early 2014. Fully backed by NATO, these successors of Nazi collaborators who literally served Adolf Hitler’s catastrophically tragic bid at global domination and assisted the genocide that accompanied that bid, carry out out similar dark deeds in [Novorossiya], albeit on a smaller but no less tragic scale. In true form, reflecting the obscenely dishonest narratives woven by Nazi propagandists like Joseph Goebbels, the Western world sidestepped these historic and current realities. Instead, they insist that Russia, not literal fascists carrying Nazi flags, represents a resurgent fascism threatening Europe today.

President Putin’s exclusion from Holocaust commemorations is a direct part of forming and reinforcing this narrative. No one could give a greater insult to the victims, survivors, and heroes who suffered and eventually overcame the Nazi scourge than to twist and intentionally distort history, propping up the successors of villains and condemning those representing the millions of Russian lives lost to face such villains and a people who are once again ready to face them again. Once again, Europe approaches precariously the precipice of self-inflicted tragedy. Fascism both old and new is festering and spreading in all directions as European leaders and the special interests that direct them seek a familiar ploy used when all else fails to unite and regiment their peoples. Once again, Russia seems to be standing alone in the face of this growing menace along their border, and once again, the Russian people are quietly preparing to make sacrifices befitting the heroic deeds of their fore-bearers.

Must it come to this? What if people saw and pointed to the gross hypocrisy and betrayal of Poland and the forces of fascism once again festering within that dealt the nation such a tragic blow during the last World War? What if people realised, regardless of their feelings toward Russia, that the path that they’re on leads only to self-ruination? Could Europeans as a whole realise that there’s a middle path between the extremes presented before them? The coming weeks and months will yield these answers. For those who have keenly kept one eye on history, and one on current events today, they must try to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, remembering the lessons World War II has taught them, even if such lessons seem to be lost on everyone else.

19 January 2015

Ulson Gunnar

New Eastern Outlook



Poland DID invite P A Poroshenko, the fascist junta strongman. I’ll keep it simple… Russians and other Soviet peoples LIBERATED Auschwitz… Galician Uniates helped OPERATE Auschwitz. I find this disgusting and beyond the pale. As I said, this spits in the face of all World War II vets… it honours those who revere Nazi collaborators. It tells you much about the contemporary West, doesn’t it? It started when US Army career officers sheltered Nazis, as they found the anti-leftist and anti-labour viewpoints of the Nazis congenial. Don’t forget, the USA that fought World War II was a centre-left polity… most US Army prewar career officers hated the New Deal… ironically, they hated the very ideology that won the war, as they were mostly rightwing Republicans. That’s why they protected Nazis… it’s why they went along with Cold War rhetoric. In today’s Germany, Nazi officials receive pensions… NVA officers don’t. Now, I call that EVIL. This infection has festered for a VERY long time… the US Republican Party was its “godfather”.

I know that the Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” have prepared for this for years. Sadly, these groups allowed fascist collaborators into their leading circles. I was at a Ukrainian Christmas party where they inappropriately inserted a little sketch attacking Russians and Soviets. This was a holiday party, but they inserted racial hatred into it. Can you think of anything lower? That was over thirty years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it. That explains it all… hatred burns bright in the Galician diaspora. It’s like the Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol… I’m thinking of the two urchins that clung to him. The two urchins are Nationalism and Hate… the girl is Nationalism; the boy is Hate. “Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom unless the writing be erased”.

Look at the Galician diaspora. Hate is corrosive… don’t give it harbour in your heart.


20 January 2015. Donetsk Airport Attack Utter Failure… Mechanised Brigade Smashed

00 dead junta soldiers. Novorossiya. 17.08.14


If one looks at the losses inflicted on the Uniate forces yesterday, one can see that the better part of a mechanised brigade got mauled by the VSN. The fascists lost 27 tanks and 20 other AFVs… a mechanised brigade on the Russian model (and the Ukrainian Army IS organised on a Russian, rather than American model) has 40 tanks, 27 MICVs, and 54 APCs, if its at full TO&E. If the unit was at full allotment (and it probably was), this means that it lost 65 percent of its tanks and 20 percent of its infantry vehicles. 300 killed means that about a third of the attacking infantry died. It was a frontal assault on hardened positions… the butcher’s bill shows it. Poroshenko is delusional, but the Western media regurgitates Uniate lies without investigation. If the Uniates had won the airport, there’d be images of it all over the internet, and there’s none, which is prima facie evidence that they failed miserably.

By the way, one of the most crank analyses of the situation is by Andrew Korybko at Sputnik International. It’s obvious that he never served in the forces and that he doesn’t know squat about logistics or the capabilities of the Ukrainian forces. The airport is a prestige target… it isn’t necessary for the supply of the forces… that’s based on railway-supplied supply dumps, from which lorries take cargoes to the troops. In any case, the junta doesn’t have much in the way of airlift… a fact that Mr Korybko should’ve known. These are NOT long distances, airlift is only necessary to supply a tactical airhead… now, after the mass desertions in the Crimea and the Uniate purge of the forces, the junta forces don’t have the training nor the matériel to carry such an operation out successfully. Of course, he’s American-based, which means that his Anglosphere perspective warps his judgement… he’s fooled by the fact that all forces from the Anglosphere have to travel by air or sea for deployment. In Novorossiya, all that you have to do is to load the troops into lorries or goods wagons, and the same is true for supplies. The airport isn’t crucial to logistics one little bit. He’s probably listening to some DoD asshat who doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, as far as practical matters go. Or, worse, he’s listening to some shit-fer-brains K Street stink-tanker or to some bullshitter form Stratfor, which is even worse.

Also note that the junta only had a mechanised brigade in the assault, when it really needed a division or two. That means that the present round of impressment (for that is what it was) didn’t round-up all the warm bodies needed and that there really wasn’t much in the way of strengthening of junta forces. Remember, the Minoborony Ukrainy head isn’t a soldier, he’s a militarised cop, chosen for political reliability, not military competence. VSN intel identified 57 junta “regional battalions”… that is, 19 brigade-equivalents, but do note that the junta formed no new brigade HQs. That’s to say, the junta forces suffer from disorganisation and they’re badly coordinated. They lack properly trained leaders and the mass desertions/purge simply exacerbated that situation. 57 battalions is about 68,000 men at full top (1,200 for each battalion-group, including attached support units), and it’s probably less (a retired military friend of mine noted that none of the new junta battalions appeared over 500 men strong, and many even less than that, so, we’re really talking about some 25,000 troops all told)… note well that the junta lacks the equipment and heavy weapons to form proper brigades, even if they were able to surmount the leadership deficit. Such a situation wouldn’t be allowed in a proper organisation… that’s evidence that the junta doesn’t know how to run things.

In short, Mr Korybko’s analysis is laughable, and his ignorance of all things military is obvious to all concerned. The junta needed to pull out a victory… but it didn’t have the oomph to do it. The Uniates can strum banduras, but they can’t run a modern state worth squat. The fiasco at the airport yesterday proved that, even to the slow learners. Mr Korybko… get your nose out of Stratfor, your ass out of the District, and attend to the real world… your writing will benefit immensely…


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