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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

VSN Captured O M Mikats, Commander of 93 Zhitomir Brigade

00 Oleg Mikats. DNR. Ukrainian Army prisoner. 21.01.15.jpg-large


We captured Ukrainian bandits who tried to break into the airport (you thought it was your airport… so, you sent reinforcements). This was yet another defeat that Poroshenko’s advisor Biryukov tried to explain away (you wanker, you Russian whore!). That sorry-ass counsellor didn’t know or didn’t tell anyone the fact that one of the captured was O M Mikats, Commander of the 93 Brigade, who took part in the famous meeting between Motorola and Kupola. I’m certain that all those named, that “assorted dozen”, those whom Biryukov wrote about, those brigade commanders, didn’t lead the assault (brigades in the field usually have less than 3,000 troops). On the other hand, was he unclear? In that case, what advice did he give Poroshenko? What kind of brigade commander was he, who led his troops straight into captivity!?

This was a real disaster… we captured one of their best brigade commanders, who led one of the most reliable units.  They touted him as the personification of the Right Sector. In fact, everything is much simpler and sadder for the bandits… he charged into the attack with tanks, really. He tried again… he failed. He failed miserably… we nicked this brigade commander… who led one of the 11 brigades available to the enemy. Before, he personally led his men… now, the morale of the brigade sucks… not one platoon, company, or battalion commander can lead their men.

Givi took this Ukrainian Nazi and looked into the eyes of the bandit commander; he asked him a few momentous questions. Motorola just asked him about those who died… “Why did you lead your people to the slaughter!?”.


Oleg Mikhailovich Mikats (born, 23 October 1975, Novograd-Volynsky (Zhitomir Oblast. Ukrainian SSR) USSR) Ukrainian punisher, Colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Commander 93 Mechanised Brigade. Took part in the war in the Donbass. Infamous leader of the attack on Donetsk Airport.

21 January 2015



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