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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dead Bodies in NATO Uniforms and American Weapons Found in Rubble of Donetsk Airport

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On Thursday, Eduard Basurin, DNR Deputy Defence Minister, said, “Whilst examining buildings at the Donetsk Airport, we found a great number of American firearms, assault rifles, and grenade launchers, equipment, and communications devices. We also found publications in European languages, including on religious matters. Apart from that, we found dead bodies in NATO uniforms under the debris in the new terminal. Personal belongings indicated that these people were foreign citizens contracted by private military companies who operated under the cover of Ukrainian subversive groups”.

22 January 2015




Langley was caught… again. PMCs are a usual dodge for Langley in its search for the ultimate deniable “sterile op”. The Anglos truly believe that they have the best military and special services in the world because they’ve bought all kinds of expensive toys for them. That isn’t necessarily so… look at what happened here. The airport was a prestige site, which the Americans wanted to hold onto to utz VVP and make him look stupid. Well… because they went about it in a half-assed way, they not only lost the airport, they left evidence, which’ll convince most of the non-Anglo world of the proof of American interference in the War of National Liberation in Novorossiya.

The USA can win in either Iraq or the Ukraine, but not both, as it lacks the resources. It is NOT the sole superpower… only juvenile narcissistic Anglos believe such rot. It’s a major power that found itself in a power vacuum… they went crazy over it, believing that their efforts caused the situation. The history of the last 24 years proves that the most evil threat facing mankind is American Greedster Neoliberalism. They truly believe themselves beyond all humane standards… their violent ways and greedy Me-First ideology (especially, in the Republican Party) has convulsed the world.

Today was the so-called “March for Life” in Washington DC. All of the Republicans who came out to support it are advocates of war in foreign parts, the death penalty, draconian anti-labour laws, and a pre-repentance Mr Scrooge social safety net. Excuse me as I hurl… that’s not Pro-Life… if you think that it is, you stand for evil, and I’ll oppose you with every fibre of my being.

It reminds me of Glazunov’s painting Christ and Antichrist. These so-called “Christians” can’t tell the difference. None dare call it evil…



22 January 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is What John McCain, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio Want in the Ukraine

00 Uniate Azov Battalion Nazis. 22.01.15


This is a photo of Uniate fanatic volunteers in Lvov Oblast. These men, plus schismatic Orthodox and sectarians (they come from a bloc that only makes up some 20 percent of the population (if one considers these three groups as one element)), are the backbone of the criminal aggressor force in Novorossiya… they commit unspeakable atrocities and war crimes, targeting the local population with no mercy and no scruples. However, to speak plainly, these sorts don’t make up most of the cohorts mentioned… in fact, there’s massive draft dodging in the most-Uniate areas of Galicia… but they’re a significant fraction, and they blacken their respective communities. These men are often the literal sons and grandsons of UPA, OUN, Hiwi, SS, and Trawniki terrorists. It illustrates “the apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree”. I’ve seen sorts like this amongst the “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” here in the diaspora. In like manner, they’re not most of the cohorts mentioned, but they’ve seized control of the groups, so, now, they’re in the hands of fascist fanatics. Have a care with these sorts… most are innocent, but those that aren’t have no scruple or humanity. I have the scars to prove it…

The junta’s main support comes from elements that consider themselves alienated from the Orthodox majority… Uniate Catholics, schismatic “Orthodox”, marginal American-style sectarians, assorted pro-Western boosters, and greedy craptialist enthusiasts… this is a factor that one overlooks at one’s peril. Interestingly enough, Magyar/Polish Catholics, old-line Baptists, and Jews seem neutral in the war (they simply wish to be left alone). Note well that Western journalists NEVER mention it. Of course, there are more English-speakers in these groups (for they see an affinity in the USA, as Langley supports them, with money and with diaspora human elements) than there is amongst the real Orthodox (who have affinity with Russia… if they speak Surzhik, they often speak Standard Russian as well, and look to Russia for support). Western media people find affinity with these sorts, so, since most people are lazy, they associate with them and repeat what they’re told… most Western media sorts never leave Kiev, where their lodgings don’t lack hot water, electricity, or food (the junta knows full-well that it has to cosset them or they’ll lose the propaganda war… which is going badly enough for them as it is).

One last thing… the US Republican Party backs this feral lot unreservedly. Fancy that… it sure gives a new meaning to “Pro-Life”, doesn’t it? It’s why I oppose Potapov, Whiteford, and Dreher so bitterly… they droolingly support the Republican ravishers of Holy Rus… none dare call it EVIL… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together…


P N Simonenko: If We Don’t Stop the War Now… The Ukraine Will Disappear from the Political Map of the World Tomorrow

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We appeal to the political leadership in the EU, Russia, and the USA to help us stop the fratricidal war in the Ukraine and to act as guarantors of a peace settlement. We demand that the leaders of the major world powers act to see that all parties implement the Kiev, Minsk, and Geneva agreements to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. We should see to it that all parties respect the rights and freedoms of all citizens, regardless of their political, religious, ideological, and spiritual orientation, so long as they act within legal limits, don’t issue calls for war, or incite ethnic and sectarian strife. From the beginning, the KPU insisted on a peaceful solution to the crisis that arose after the coup d’état that overthrew Yanukovich, a change in power fomented by oligarchic clans with the backing of ultranationalist and pro-fascist elements. From the beginning, we offered peaceful solutions… we want a free referendum, not a phony election held with an avtomat aimed at our head; we want to restore consensus and national harmony. Now, despite the fact that the junta ruling in Kiev destroyed the Ukraine’s territorial integrity, ripped apart its unity, and plunged the country and people into a bloody war after their oligarchic coup in February 2014, we Communists keep the hope alive that we haven’t yet “crossed the Rubicon”. However, with each passing day, the chance to keep the Ukraine on the political map of the world becomes less and less. The victims of violence pile up higher and higher! We must stop the war! Stop it now… stop it immediately! Stop it by throwing the oligarchs out of power and giving power back to the working people!

21 January 2015

P N Simonenko

First Secretary TsK KPU


KPU official website


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