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Thursday, 22 January 2015

P N Simonenko: If We Don’t Stop the War Now… The Ukraine Will Disappear from the Political Map of the World Tomorrow

00 KPU Odessa Oblast01. 11.09.14


We appeal to the political leadership in the EU, Russia, and the USA to help us stop the fratricidal war in the Ukraine and to act as guarantors of a peace settlement. We demand that the leaders of the major world powers act to see that all parties implement the Kiev, Minsk, and Geneva agreements to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. We should see to it that all parties respect the rights and freedoms of all citizens, regardless of their political, religious, ideological, and spiritual orientation, so long as they act within legal limits, don’t issue calls for war, or incite ethnic and sectarian strife. From the beginning, the KPU insisted on a peaceful solution to the crisis that arose after the coup d’état that overthrew Yanukovich, a change in power fomented by oligarchic clans with the backing of ultranationalist and pro-fascist elements. From the beginning, we offered peaceful solutions… we want a free referendum, not a phony election held with an avtomat aimed at our head; we want to restore consensus and national harmony. Now, despite the fact that the junta ruling in Kiev destroyed the Ukraine’s territorial integrity, ripped apart its unity, and plunged the country and people into a bloody war after their oligarchic coup in February 2014, we Communists keep the hope alive that we haven’t yet “crossed the Rubicon”. However, with each passing day, the chance to keep the Ukraine on the political map of the world becomes less and less. The victims of violence pile up higher and higher! We must stop the war! Stop it now… stop it immediately! Stop it by throwing the oligarchs out of power and giving power back to the working people!

21 January 2015

P N Simonenko

First Secretary TsK KPU


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