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Friday, 23 January 2015

Uniate Pig Junta in the Ukraine Want to Slash Social Benefits… Learned their Lessons from “Pro-Life” Republicans All-Too-Well

00 The Republican said to God


On Friday, Ukrainian Minister of Labour and Social Policy P V Rozenko, said that the government plans to cancel some social benefits inherited from the Soviet past in its effort to revive its cash-strapped economy. Since the Soviet collapse in 1991, the Ukraine failed to reform the post-Soviet system of social benefits and the number of allowances only increased amidst waves of populism. Ukrinform quoted Rozenko as saying, “As a result, now we have more than 700 types of benefits and preferences. It’s evident that the Ukraine can no longer move in this direction. We’ll abolish inefficient benefits as part of a social sphere reform”. The government chose Lvov Oblast in the Western Ukraine as the pilot area for its upcoming cash-for-benefits reform. Rozenko said that the government would cancel inefficient social benefits that existed “virtually” but were never allocated, pointing up that the government plans to provide allowances only for those people who really need them.

23 January 2015




Rozenko is part of the extremist pro-oligarch UDAR bloc, which intends to smash its boot full-force into the faces of the poor to benefit the rich. You can see why Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio cream their jeans over the Uniate junta… it’s what they want to do in the USA. Do note that they’re starting this in Lvov Oblast… the area with the most pro-junta support left in the Ukraine. Support for the pro-American extremists is softening… this might push many people over the edge. Remember, draft dodging has become as endemic in Uniate areas as it is more normative areas (make no mistake on it, the “default” in the so-called “Ukraine” is Orthodox, not Uniate). The junta’s stupidity is clear to everyone… it does whatever the Western banksters tell it what to do. If they wanted to make people pro-Russian, they couldn’t have chosen a better means… it does tell you much about the Anglo Establishment’s intelligence… lower than whale shit, I’d say, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. Do recall what “reform” means in the mouth of neoliberal “conservatives”… “I’ve got mine and to hell with you. I earned it and I’m not giving any of it away”. This attitude is more evil than abortion… it’s more evil than homosexuality… it’s more evil than cohabitation… the love of money is the root of all evil… note well that it says nothing about any of the preoccupations of the konvertsy… fancy that…

Russian Orthodox people… don’t forget what Baba and Dede went through. The Republican Party kicked us then… it kicks us now. No Orthodox person should support the GOP in any way. They consider us inferior… but we’re not alone… they hate “niggers”, “spics”, “ragheads”, and “yids”, too… don’t forget… they really don’t like us unless we kiss their asses incessantly and obsequiously. The Uniate junta are the same sort of godless amoral greedsters. God do help us all…



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