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Saturday, 24 January 2015

CIA Front Eurasia.Net Pumps Up Denisenko… Potapov is MIA… What Sort of Russian Orthodox Priest is He?

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Read this. Potapov is in charge of Langley’s religious programming to the former USSR… where is he? He’s missing… again. Whenever he could raise his voice, he’s silent, especially, if it’d discomfit rightwing Republican filth and their Know Nothing preoccupations. He’s been an obedient running dog for the GOP haters of Holy Rus for YEARS. He’s grown grey in the service of those who hate Russia, its Culture, and its Faith… who want to destroy us and rebuild us in the image of vacuous amoral American sectarian Republicans. Isn’t it time that we forced this Quisling to “stand and deliver?” He’s sold out to the American rightwing for filthy lucre… he hangs around and agrees with Moonies, Mormons, Sectarians, and Uniates… what kind of priest is that? He hangs around the Moonie rag the Washington Times and at half the rightwing stink-tanks on K Street. That’s an embarrassment and blot on the Holy Church. When shall we force him to give public repentance for his years of support of Republican ignoranus anti-Russian/anti-Orthodox elements? It’s time…



Do You Want to Know HOW Stupid Republicans Are? Homer Simpson TSA Goons Arrested Guy for “Arabic Flash Cards”… D’oh!

01 homer x-ray brain


Nick George was a student flying from Philadelphia to start his senior year of college in California. However, when a TSA operative found his Arabic language flash cards, they arrested the 21-year-old. He sued and his five-year ordeal is now ending. TSA agents also found a book critical of George W Bush’s foreign policy he was carrying to be worthy of greater scrutiny. Rogue Nation was by former Reagan Administration Commerce Secretary Clyde Prestowitz and widely read in the USA.

George planned to get a jump on his Arabic class by reviewing some vocabulary. When he emptied his pockets at the security checkpoint, he pulled out the stack of flashcards. An agent inspected them. George wrote on the ACLU website (which helped George in his lawsuit), “One of them started rifling through the cards, and another took the book out of my carry-on. The minutes ticked by, and I got more confused about why I was being detained and more concerned that I’d miss my flight. One of them called a supervisor”. The supervisor took a half-hour to arrive. When she asked, “Do you know who did 9/11?” “Taken totally aback, I answered, ‘Osama Bin Laden’”. Then, the supervisor asked if George knew what language Osama Bin Laden spoke. He replied, “Arabic”. She responded, “So, do you see why these cards are suspicious?”

George later wrote, “Imagine going from being in-line at the airport to having a TSA supervisor imply you had some connection with the worst act of terrorism ever committed against your country… all over the course of a few minutes”. Then, a Philadelphia cop showed up. George recounted, “He cuffed my hands, grabbed my arms, and, in full view of the rest of the passengers, walked me through the entire Philadelphia airport and into the police substation”. The cops held him handcuffed in a cell for several hours, long having missed his connecting flight. Police never informed him of his rights or gave him a specific charge.

George says he hopes the settlement this week will make these “arbitrary arrests” outdated by requiring the Philadelphia police department to train cops to find probable cause before making an arrest. In short, they can’t arrest someone for studying Arabic or reading a book. George said, “It should go without saying that this is perfectly innocuous First Amendment-protected activity. I hope the Philadelphia police got the message”. The city also settled for 25,000 USD (1.6 million Roubles. 156,000 Renminbi. 1.54 million INR. 31,000 CAD. 31,600 AUD. 22,300 Euros. 16,700 UK Pounds) in damages.

24 January 2015

Sputnik International



The Department of Homeland Insecurity often attracts an unhinged rightwing lot, especially, Mormons and the woollier sort of Cuban-American. One of my friends has the family name “George”… she’s Syrian by descent… gee, perhaps Nick George was Syrian or Lebanese (I know of four families in Toledo with the name “George”… it’s a COMMON Christian Arab surname)… so, these Einstein TSA goons thought that he was a “terrorist”. Hey, he “looked Arabic”… we all know that all of those “ragheads” are terrorists! Rush and Sarah say so! This is the result of Republican hate speech spewed by rightwing pundits over the years. Anyone who attends to such shit-spewers makes Homer Simpson look like a rocket scientist. That’s that…


24 January 2015. Former BBG Big Attacks Comparing RT with ISIS… Potapov AND Freddie M-G Silent

01 liar liar pants on fire


Read this. Let’s keep it simple. Victor Potapov is silent… silence connotes acceptance in this instance. It means that he remains silent when Amerikantsy filth attack our Faith, Motherland, and Holy Rus. Freddie M-G, who works for NPR, is silent too. These two are in bed with godless rightwing Republicans. Remember how Potapov attacked the late Patriarch Aleksei? This is more of the same. To put it simply… the OCA, ROCOR, and AOCANA ought to issue an apology for having supported amoral vacuous American efforts to destabilise Russia and the Middle East. Ideally, Potapov and Freddie should issue personal apologies for having supported the godless Republican opponents of our Holy Faith (especially, effectual atheist greedsters such as Ted Cruz… a Russian bishop called “Evangelicals” “Christian Atheists”… I agree with him). That’s also incumbent on Paffhausen, Dreher, and Whiteford… Dreher should leave The American Conservative, as it supports the godless neoliberalism underpinning the Antichristian ideology of Modern Greedster Crapitalism.

This is too much of a muchness. Potapov, in particular, is a conscienceless sellout… he works for an anti-Church agency so that he can live in the DC burbs. None dare call it EVIL…


MChS to Form Up 12th Humanitarian Aid Convoy for the Donbass

00 Humanitarian Aid Convoy to the Donbass. 24.01.15


On Friday, the MChS said that it’s forming up the twelfth humanitarian aid convoy for the Donbass, saying, “We’re putting together another convoy to take humanitarian aid to the Donbass and finalising the dates now”. Part of the convoy will originate at the Noginsk MChS centre in Moscow Oblast; other echelons will come from other parts. Earlier, Emergencies Minister Lieutenant General V A Puchkov said that the twelfth convoy would leave as soon as it’s ready. He explained that the specific content of aid cargo in each convoy originates in requests from local governments; primarily, humanitarian aid includes food, medical supplies, and items needed to ensure continuous operation of energy facilities and vital social services. The majority of the cargo in the previous eleven humanitarian convoys consisted of food and medicines. So far, since August of 2014, Russia shipped over 14,800 tons of humanitarian aid to the Donbass.

23 January 2015



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