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Saturday, 24 January 2015

24 January 2015. Former BBG Big Attacks Comparing RT with ISIS… Potapov AND Freddie M-G Silent

01 liar liar pants on fire


Read this. Let’s keep it simple. Victor Potapov is silent… silence connotes acceptance in this instance. It means that he remains silent when Amerikantsy filth attack our Faith, Motherland, and Holy Rus. Freddie M-G, who works for NPR, is silent too. These two are in bed with godless rightwing Republicans. Remember how Potapov attacked the late Patriarch Aleksei? This is more of the same. To put it simply… the OCA, ROCOR, and AOCANA ought to issue an apology for having supported amoral vacuous American efforts to destabilise Russia and the Middle East. Ideally, Potapov and Freddie should issue personal apologies for having supported the godless Republican opponents of our Holy Faith (especially, effectual atheist greedsters such as Ted Cruz… a Russian bishop called “Evangelicals” “Christian Atheists”… I agree with him). That’s also incumbent on Paffhausen, Dreher, and Whiteford… Dreher should leave The American Conservative, as it supports the godless neoliberalism underpinning the Antichristian ideology of Modern Greedster Crapitalism.

This is too much of a muchness. Potapov, in particular, is a conscienceless sellout… he works for an anti-Church agency so that he can live in the DC burbs. None dare call it EVIL…


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