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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Uniates Destroy Iveron Monastery in Donetsk

00 Convent of the Iveron Mother of God. Donetsk. 02.10.14

The Iveron Monastery in happier days… the Uniate pigs destroyed it, as they wish to wipe out the history of the region… you can see why the Anglo Americans love them!



Junta artillery turned the Iveron Monastery in Donetsk into rubble. Uniate shells still hit the ruins of the historical and architectural monument. Along the entire length of the battleline, the junta forces are shelling patriot territory. After many months of shelling by Uniate terrorist forces {they’re in the spirit of the UPA murderers of Volyn in the VOV: editor}, not only are the exterior walls destroyed, the entirety of the buildings are in ruins.

23 January 2015




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