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Sunday, 25 January 2015

SYRIZA Wins Big in Greek Election… Will Form New Government

00 SYRIZA. Greece. 19.01.15


On Sunday, based on exit polls, Russian media reported that Greece’s Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) won enough votes to form a new government. The rightwing New Democracy bloc, led by current Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, received 25 percent of votes, followed by the Far Right Golden Dawn bloc, which garnered about 6 percent. Seven parties managed to pass the 3-percent threshold. The decision to hold early legislative elections in Greece came in December 2014, after the Hellenic Parliament failed to elect a new President of the Hellenic Republic. SYRIZA vowed to modify Greece’s austerity measures, aimed to meet the bailout conditions set by international creditors in exchange for multibillion Euro loans issued over Greece’s sovereign debt crisis.


On Sunday, according to an official projection issued by the Greek Ministry of the Interior, the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) received 36.5 percent of votes in the Greek parliamentary election. Next was the rightwing New Democracy bloc, with 27.7 percent, followed by the Far Right Golden Dawn with 6.3 percent, neoliberal centre-right To Potami with 5.9 percent, and the Hellenic Communist Party with 5.6 percent. A Ministry of the Interior source noted, “Seven parties will enter the parliament. SYRIZA will get 150 seats, according to preliminary data”, observing that preliminary numbers will change as they count more votes. The projection came after officials counted a quarter of the votes.


Greek media reported that the leader of  SYRIZA, tipped by exit polls to win the current Greek election is true to his socialist beliefs… he makes his home in a modest apartment in an average Athens neighbourhood. Greek website protothema.com posted, “Alexis Tsipras lives with his partner and two children in a beige-coloured block of flats in the modest, working-class district of Kyspeli, Athens, at 4a Harmony Street. His seven-storey apartment block overlooks an empty lot full of rubbish and two abandoned cottages. The walls of the streets where he lives are covered with graffiti scrawled with politically-tinged messages”.

The down-to-earth style of Tsipras, 40, may hold the key to the popularity of the man whose party is currently leading in exit polls and is on course to head the next Greek government, governing with a left-wing anti-austerity programme. The Telegraph reported that neighbours of Tsipras, whose youngest son’s middle name is Ernesto, after Che Guevara, said the politician isn’t distinct from the rest of the residents. Marketing manager Kostas Stroubis told the paper, “He comes and goes mostly in a car. We’re wondering whether he’ll move somewhere smarter if he becomes Prime Minister”. A former taxi driver said, “Tsipras understands the tragic situation that Greece is in. He wants to lift the bestial pressure placed on us by the bankers”.

Tsipras, who trained as an engineer, first cut his political teeth in 1990 when, having joined the Communist youth movement, he took part in protests against education reforms and became one of the main negotiators with the government on behalf of student protestors. On Sunday evening, Greek pollsters forecast that SYRIZA should win 150 seats, one short of an outright majority.

25 January 2015

Sputnik International





This comes at a bad time for the Uniate junta. It means that the EU will be preoccupied with Greece for some time, putting the Ukraine on a back burner. The USA will be more concerned with Greece, too… on top of its fixation on ISIS (it sees that if it doesn’t act quickly, Iraq will fall into Iran’s orbit, totally negating the political effect of the 2003 Bush Aggression). In short, there may be NO resources left for the Poroshenko Clique. I believe that the original Ukrainian coup occurred because the American leadership had its vision fixed on Iraq and on domestic concerns. This left the field free for Galician diaspora elements in Langley who fomented the coup to favour their local clients. A year on, their pets have fucked up royally… the coup created a state that’s a veritable A-One Clusterfuck… everyone’s betting on how long it’s gonna take for them to go down. Now, with a leftist victory in Greece, the American leadership again is distracted. I believe that this will embolden neocons and diaspora Galicians… Poroshenko might end up dead. Who’ll replace him? Beyond it being one of the Triumvirate (Turdchinov, Avakov, or the Rabbit), no one knows.

SYRIZA faces many foes, both internal and external. Sadly, the EU and the USA will do their best to subvert them. Greece may be the beginning of a new dawn for the Left or the beginning of a new Long Night of bankster neoliberal hell. We’ll have to see…



Poles Refuse Refugee Status to “Ukrainians”… Was This on American Orders?

00 refugees. rostov oblast. russia. 11.06.14


Rzeczpospolita reported that the Office for Foreigners of the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration (MSWA) refused to classify more than 2,000 Ukrainians who came to the country as refugees. Last year, that number applied for refugee status in Poland, but the MSWA refused to accept any of them, saying that the department involved considered each case individually. In 2014, Poland only granted refugee status to only 262 foreigners, but turned down 5,500 other cases. Ukrainians fled to Poland due to the conflict in Novorossiya. To obtain refugee status under the Geneva Convention, you must prove that you’d be a victim of persecution in your native land, but can’t seek asylum in another part of the country. Rzeczpospolita reported that the MSWA routinely denied the applications of Ukrainians because of the second part. Meanwhile, Russia granted thousands of people from Novorossiya refugee status. Since the beginning of the junta’s repression operation in the Donbass, the junta forces routinely shell settlements in the region. As a result, according to the UN, the number of casualties in the conflict zone has exceeded 5,000.

25 January 2015

Donbass Tsentr


Explosion in Kiev Set by Neo-Nazi Nutter

00 suspect in Kiev. 25.01.15


We have details on the explosion last night in Kiev. Overnight, from Saturday to Sunday, there was an explosion in the Dneprovsky Raion of Kiev. Cops arrested a drunk guy, who was also high on drugs. The perp said that he came from serving on the “Eastern Front”, back home for a rest. He didn’t understand why they arrested him, but he considers himself a Hero of the Ukraine. Later, it came out that he was indeed a soldier recently returned from the warzone in the Donbass. He had served in the OUN Kombat Battalion. Prior to his trial, the cops will hold the “hero” in custody. If the Ukrainian fighters from the Kombat Battalion act like the real terrorists, what can we expect from others? Moreover, the general drunkenness and drug use in the junta forces are no mystery to anyone. They’re just like a weapon waiting to go off, careening without control all over the Ukraine.

25 January 2015



Popasnaya Taken… 8,000 Junta Pigs Trapped in Debaltsevo Pocket

00 Donetsk. Uniate peace. 01.10.14


Today, the VSN took Popasnaya, trapping 8,000 junta soldiers in the Debaltsevo pocket. The Debaltsevo-Artemovsk road isn’t blocked, but the artillery of both sides sweep it, which reduces the opportunity to drive on it to practically nil. Those in the pocket seem to be stupid, they don’t seem to realise anything; the junta leadership didn’t make the slightest effort to extricate their troops from the pocket, even after the VSN’s offensive direction became clear. The Ukrainian “leadership” hasn’t learnt anything… it’s the same as it was during the summer. This time, the pocket doesn’t border Russia… the Russians treated the junta soldiers well, saw to it that they got washed up, gave them food and new clothing, and sent them home at their expense. Today, they face the VSN, angered by the evil that the fascist invaders did in the Donbass.

25 January 2015



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