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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Kiev Gorsoviet Attacks UPTs/MP… Takes Away Its Tax Exemption

00 Viktor Yanukovich at Liturgy. Kiev. the Ukraine. 21.01.14


01a Schema-Archimandrite Zosima Sokur

V F Yanukovich was the spiritual son of Elder Zosima Sokur… he made otpust to the Mountain every year… the Fathers made him welcome. Aren’t you ashamed of having listened to Uniate lies about him?


History means spiritual roots. Can there be a tree without roots? So, without history, there can be no spirituality.

Avoid extremes… extremes aren’t from God. Take the middle path. Don’t despair… there’s no sin that can’t be healed by repentance. God is merciful.

Elder Zosima Sokur


Look at this. Until the time of V F Yanukovich, the UPTs/MP faced all kinds of discrimination and attacks from nationalist nutters. Viktor Fyodorovich removed all of this impedimenta and protected real Christians from Uniate, schismatic, and sectarian bias. This is why the Uniates and their Western allies HATED him. He stood up for the Orthodox majority, so, the Uniate filth, in particular, heaped lies upon his head. This means that the Uniates, schismatics, and sectarians are blaming the real Christians for the failures of the Uniate junta. in the short run, things are going to get much worse for real Christians in junta areas. However, look at the positive side of this… the asshats know that their ship is going down and they wish to hurt us as much as they can before they go under.

This persecution is why I hate everything that Paffhausen stands for. When a bishop of the persecuted UPTs/MP was in New York to open an exhibit, California Fats was in the District having his photo taken with the First Profit of the Mormons… a cult that isn’t Christian in the least! A real Christian bishop from the Ukraine shows up… but Fatso had to give a lecture at a Uniate venue. Such nasty treachery is beyond the pale. We should never forget this nor forgive him for shitting on the suffering UPTs/MP to suck up to cultists and Uniates.

The UPTs/MP is on the cross. The Uniates, schismatics, and sectarians are our enemies. We forget that at our peril…



New Greek Government Objects to EU Sanctions Against Russia



On Wednesday, Hellenic First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Affairs Nikos Chountis said in an interview with Athens News Agency (ANA) that the newly installed Greek government disagreed with EU sanctions against Russia, which affects not only the Greek economy, but other countries too. On Tuesday, the new Greek government led by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that it was uneasy because the EU failed to add amendments proposed by Athens to a common declaration. In this document, the heads of EU states and governments warned Moscow of new sanctions over the escalation of the conflict in Novorossiya. Greece intends to raise this issue at an extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers on Thursday. Chountis said, “Indeed, the agenda includes the issue of sanctions, on which the foreign ministers may decide, but Prime Minister [Alexis Tsipras] and Minister of Foreign Affairs [Nikos Kotzias] filed a protest because they issued a declaration of heads of state without a preliminary notice to Greece and without taking into account the Hellenic Prime Minister’s opinion”. Chountis said that the declaration mentioned possible new sanctions against Russia, “In actual fact, the council of ministers, with Hellenic Minister of Foreign Affairs Kotzias present, would decide how [sanctions] would operate. The new government’s position is the same as it was when SYRIZA was in opposition; we don’t agree with the spirit of sanctions, as they have negative consequences, not only for our agriculture and our national economy, but they also affect others on a wider scale. Similar reactions emerged in other EU countries over the consequences of the sanctions. As distinct from France, which supports sanctions, there are also other countries like Greece, which object to sanctions”.

28 January 2105



Miners from the Western Ukraine Stage Protest in Kiev

00 Donetsk. Monument to the Coal Miner. 31.08.14.


On Wednesday, at least 1,000 miners staged a protest action at government buildings in Kiev. Workers from Lvov and Volyn Oblasts in the Western Ukraine took part in the rally. Coal miner union members demanded that the state amend the law “On Ukraine’s State Budget for 2015”, to include spending for stable work and development for the coal industry, labour protection, and wages for miners. The protest action participants drummed their helmets on government buildings’ concrete fences, carrying placards, “Tax on Miners’ Pensions… Government’s Disgrace”, “No to Shutdown of Mines”, “Our Coal… to Power Stations of the Western Region”, “State Without Coal… People without Electric Power”, shouting “Shame”. The protesters said that they have “haven’t been paid their wages since November”. They also demanded the return of cancelled social benefits. The rally participants refused to disperse, saying that they’d continue their action near the Ukrainian President’s building on Thursday.

28 January 2015



Poll Shows 80 Percent of Russians Ready to Give Up Western Food

00 Russian Party. Three Generations at Table. The Evil Empire! 09.07.13

Russia can do without Western food imports… it did for many years in the Cold War, didn’t it? Russians are TOUGH NUTS… that’s something that the West’s forgot. I seem to think that they’re going to get a reminder right smartly… 


On Wednesday, according to an all-Russian poll presented by the RAN Sociology Institute, about 80 percent of Russians are ready to give up Western foodstuffs for the sake of strengthening the state. Meanwhile, only about 10 percent of respondents agreed to a wage and pension freeze in coming years and only 12 percent agreed to tax hikes. As many as 64 percent of those polled agreed to giving up Western manufactured goods, 55 percent said that they could give up tourist and business trips to the USA and Europe, and 51 percent said that they wouldn’t keep savings in foreign currency. Meanwhile, 37 percent of respondents said that they could give up the Internet and social networks.

The researchers said, “In assessing the direction of social changes in the country over the past year, Russians divided into two numerically comparable groups, one noting changes for the better (45 percent); another noting changes for the worse (43 percent)”. 54 percent of respondents assessed their general emotional and psychological state positively, compared with 63 percent in 2013, whilst 46 percent perceived it negatively, compared with 37 percent in 2013. The respondents also assessed different aspects of their life. Specifically, 41 percent of those polled said they had no problems with nutrition, while 5 percent assessed it as bad. About a third of the respondents said everything was fine with their clothes, housing, and work, whilst 61 percent of those polled noted good family relations. As many as 36 percent of Russians assessed their life as good and only 5 percent thought it was bad.

The poll revealed a high degree of social stratification. The poorest 10 percent of Russians have a monthly income of less than 5,000 Roubles per person (460 Renminbi. 4,500 INR. 74 USD. 92 CAD. 93 AUD. 66 Euros. 49 UK Pounds), whilst affluent Russians earn 43,500 Roubles per person (4,000 Renminbi. 39,200 INR. 640 USD. 800 CAD. 805 AUD. 565 Euros. 425 UK Pounds), excluding the wealthiest 3-5 percent, who the researchers said ignore polling. The RAN conducted the poll in November 2014, asking 4,000 adult Russians representing all economic regions in Russia, and all types of communities and demographic groups.

28 January 2015



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