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Friday, 30 January 2015

Thousands of Junta Troops Trapped in the Donbass

00 ukraine. junta MICV. 30.01.15


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The VSN cut the only road linking Debaltsevo to junta-occupied territory, trapping at least 7,000 junta troops. The VSN offered the junta forces the chance to surrender. The VSN stormed and captured Uglegorsk, a junta communication and supply centre, about 10 kilometres from Debaltsevo. “Semyon Semyonchenko”, Rada People’s Deputy and commander of the Donbass irregular Battalion, posted on his Facebook page that junta forces fled Uglegorsk. He claimed that the VSN attacked his unit from the rear. DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko stated that the VSN captured Uglegorsk in a violent “dawn-to-dusk operation” and offered junta troops a chance to surrender, promising to spare their lives, saying, “Guys, my proposal is for you to lay down your arms and surrender. You’re fighting the wrong people. You have only this chance to save your lives. Surrender and you’ll live. I promise that all of you will return home afterwards”.

Meanwhile, the junta reportedly ordered army commanders to gun down deserters on the spot. A leaked document published on the CyberBerkut hacktivist website stated that the SBU forbade hospitals from revealing real battlefield losses. The junta called an emergency “cabinet” meeting on Friday to discuss the situation in Novorossiya. The situation has rapidly deteriorated since 18 January, when the junta launched a massive assault on patriot territories. Junta forces shell patriot-controlled areas on a daily basis, including Donetsk, with each side blaming the other. However, the junta revealed that since the beginning of the latest draft, as many as 10,000 junta troops are AWOL.

30 January 2015




Firstly, Semyonchenko shouldn’t caterwaul. Anyone with a lick of military experience knows that lines aren’t continuous… that’s moronic. Indeed, one of the classic techniques of infantry infiltration tactics (unchanged since their introduction in the First World War) is to find either a weak point or a gap in the line, to attack the enemy in the flank or from the rear. That is, the VSN commander was a trained man… Semyonchenko is an untrained unmilitary lout and idiot.

The most important factoid in this is the fact that the junta admits that 10,000 troops took French leave. That means that the number of deserters is much higher. The junta forces are like the Guomindang forces in 1949 or the ARVN in 1975. They’re goners… but when? No one wants to die for the junta except for small groups of Uniate, schismatic, and sectarian fanatics. May God cut this junta’s time short… the people of Novorossiya, Little Russia, Galicia, Bukovina, and Podkarpatskaya don’t deserve any more suffering. It’s time for the so-called “Ukraine” to go into the dustbin of history.



OSCE Saw NO Movement of Military Traffic from the Russian Federation to Novorossiya… Uniate Lies Baldfaced Black Propaganda

00 novorossiya 01 refugees. 05.06.14


A report for the period of 21 to 28  January stated that OSCE monitors at the Donetsk and Gukovo border crossings on the Russian-Ukrainian border didn’t observe any movement of military hardware across the border over the past seven days. The monitors didn’t see any military movement at the two checkpoints except for cars of the Russian border service. The OSCE report said, “The situation remained calm, the OM continued to observe that the Russian Federation border guard and customs service conducted checks and controls. Regular local and long-distance bus connections continued to operate between Lugansk and cities in the Russian Federation. Monitors observed more people on buses arriving from the Ukraine then leaving the Russian Federation. As in previous weeks, people crossing the border approached the observers to share their stories, experiences, and observations from the Ukrainian side of the border, for example, heavy shelling in Lugansk and Stakhanov, schools hit by aerial bombs in Stakhanov”, adding that the observer mission wasn’t able to verify any of these accounts.

29 January 2015



VSN Pockets Junta Forces near Debaltsevo

00 Novorossiya. VSN soldiers. 30.01.15


On Friday, DNR Deputy Defence Minister Eduard Basurin said that the VSN pocketed junta forces near Debaltsevo. Patriot forces took Uglegorsk and adjoining areas under their control, trapping about 8,000 junta troops. Basurin said that DNR leaders “decided to preserve soldiers’ lives”, adding that 11 junta soldiers had already rallied to the patriot cause. Earlier this week, Basurin said that 1,194 junta soldiers died in action since the restart of combat operations in Novorossiya.

30 January 2015



Feline Felon Strikes in Kharkov… Scarfs Down Upscale Meat Products… MEOW!!

00 Cat Criminals in Moldova. 20.10.13



Ukrainian media reported that a hungry homeless cat in Kharkov snuck into a local meat-packing plant, eating and ruining over 6,000 Ukrainian Grivna (25,960 Roubles. 2,320 Renminbi. 22,960 INR. 371 USD. 471 CAD. 477 AUD. 328 Euros. 247 UK Pounds) worth of meat products. The cat, who reportedly spent several days in the plant after sneaking into its finished products area, seemed to prefer the good life. Workers say that he sampled only the plant’s most premium delicacies, giving the feline a magnificent feast. After workers finally caught the cat, they handed him over to an area shelter. He’s in a cage, fed nothing but dry cat food. Shelter workers nicknamed him “Balyk”, which means “fish” in Turkic languages, and a brand of cold smoked meat products sold in the former USSR. Presently, the stray is in 45-day quarantine, after which they’ll put him up for adoption. Dozens of local residents have already voiced their interest in adopting the debonair thief; they can do this when his quarantine is up. The Ukrainian cat shares his love of meat and seafood delicacies with a Russian cat caught earlier. Last month, a stray in Vladivostok broke into a seafood shop at the city’s international airport, eating and sampling nearly 1,000 USD (70,080 Roubles. 6,250 Renminbi. 62,085 INR. 1,270 CAD. 1,285 AUD. 885 Euros. 665 UK Pounds) worth of seafood. The “Admiral” hockey club adopted the Vladivostok stray; he became the team’s official mascot.

30 January 2015

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