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Monday, 2 February 2015

2 February 2015. Here’s the Latest Funny from Bonya and Kuzmich…

00 Bonya and Kuzmich. 13.08.14



This is a parody of the EU/IMF bailout of Greece… Bonya and Kuzmich do it again! Have a chuckle…



For the USA, There’s No Business Like War Business: Onward Towards a Century of War



The VSN is liberating new territories in the Donbass. It’s encircling a large junta pocket containing thousands of troops is taking place around Debaltsevo; the VSN is soon set to close the last gap in the front. Nevertheless, the war will continue, it’ll go on for a long time, because even in the limited Donbass format, it’d allow American corporations to rake in profits.

Over the last two weeks, according to data released by CyberBerkut hacktivists, the junta forces suffered over 1,000 deaths and lost more than 100 tanks, with many troops simply surrendering to the VSN. However, these days, the USA needs Ukrainian casualties. It’s forcing the junta into a war. On 24 January, US Vice President Biden discussed the Donbass situation with junta strongman P A Poroshenko. The pair condemned the violence and claimed, “The costs for Russia would continue to rise” for its alleged aggressive actions against the Ukraine. Yet, no one thinks of the possible [new] victims and the idea that the Ukraine is responsible for the conflict; the USA gave Poroshenko carte blanche and an indulgence. Shortly afterwards, the Verkhovnaya Rada officially declared that Russia was an aggressor nation, as if this was another step towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

The Ukraine and the EU serve as subordinate instruments of American foreign policy; Washington pushes the Europeans headfirst towards war. In Washington, on 28 January, US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland urged NATO to deploy command posts and to deploy rapid-reaction forces to its eastern members, noting, “We must install command and control centres in all six frontline states as soon as possible. NATO is a defensive alliance; our goal is deterrence of aggression. If that fails we have to be ready”. In other words, she asked NATO to be ready to stage pre-emptive attacks. Some American elements are trying to convince Europeans of the need for war with Russia, setting them up for the next advance on Moscow and beyond.

Last Week, US Deputy Secretary of Defence Robert Wark said that NATO faces several potential enemies at once (Russia, the PRC, the DPRK, and Iran); he called for an increase in defence spending to two percent of GDP by NATO countries. Primarily, he lobbied in the interests of American corporations that manufacture NATO weapons. Moreover, he announced that the already considerable American defence spending would increase once more in 2016. Against the lure of substantial guaranteed profits, American officials constantly forget to read history, thus, underestimating their potential enemy. How many thousands or millions of European citizens must once again lay down their lives on the battlefield out of the political shortsightedness and greed of a few politicians? Only a small number of Americans reached the right conclusions from the Ukrainian events of 2013-15.

Recently, New York University Professor of Global Affairs Mark Galeotti noted in Business New York that the junta lacked fighting spirit and meaningful strategy, as if they ever had either. Jumping up and down on the Maidan for American cookies is easier than defending American interests under VSN bullets in the Donbass is. Andrew Weiss, Vice President for Studies at the Carnegie Endowment, and former National Security Council director during the Clinton Administration, noted in Politico, “The West’s position of strength is not as strong as it appears. The reformist (sic) government in Ukraine is simply too fragile to survive a protracted full-scale confrontation with Moscow.  For all its current difficulties, we’re not going to bring Putin’s Russia to its knees by the existing array of sanctions and diplomatic pressure. Yet, Western officials are still implicitly assuming, at best, that Putin one day will cry uncle or, at worst, that we can leave the Ukrainian crisis to simmer on the back burner.”

Overall, time isn’t on Poroshenko’s side. In a military confrontation, the junta can’t win. Russia, with all its international influence, wouldn’t countenance genocide against Russians in the Donbass, and junta conscripts won’t stop evading mobilisation in droves, even if Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, and Turdchinov personally enrol in a blocking detachment. We saw how large-scale defeats forced the Ukraine to the peace talks table [in Minsk], following which the junta built up its strength. Now, once again, it throws its troops into the offensive… this can continue for a long time. However, eventually, the lack of fighting spirit and the disintegrating Ukrainian economy could turn thousands of Ukrainian radicals, now with guns, towards a new Maidan. At that point, only direct EU and American (military) intervention could save Poroshenko. In the heart of Europe, on the borderline separating two worlds, each of them nuclear-armed, the flames of war continue to grow.

Having overcome inertia in their perception of reality, now, even serious foreign analysts are calling the conflict in Novorossiya a war, and attempt to predict its duration. Foreign aid to the junta grows; for example, Poland said that it’s ready to provide boots on the ground with an international mandate, along with any kind of weapons… all for a fee of course. Moreover, the USA is no longer hiding its involvement. The first evidence of presence of foreign professionals in the warzone was in the summer of 2014. More recently, the principal in a recent TV story from Mariupol, an armed native-English-speaking “volunteer” Chris Garrett, explained that he was serving in a “volunteer” battalion, there of his own free will.

Although providing rations, sleeping bags, and combat equipment gradually draws the West into the Ukrainian conflict, it won’t help the junta wipe Novorossiya from the political map. Geopolitical conflict and the team of Western stooges in Kiev doom the Ukraine to a long and hopeless armed confrontation. If they could draw on EU and NATO resources, the war could continue indefinitely. In a way, the present stalemate suits the West. In this way, the USA and NATO don’t lose face, receive reasons for increasing their military budgets, justify their presence in Europe, and the Ukraine maintains a pseudo-statehood status. The DNR and LNR demonstrate their independence, becoming de facto geopolitical subjects. Novorossiya can face superior enemy forces for years. For the USA, the death of indigenous populations in local conflicts is a familiar (and even traditional) affair. Perhaps, the present war could carry on for ten years, after which the Americans would write it off, as they did with Iraq. In any case, the conceptual revision of global spheres of influence won’t stop. If the war in Novorossiya ends, I’d say that it’s  easy to predict the development of a new epicentre of conflict in the post-Soviet space, since it profits certain parties in the USA.

2 February 2015

Aleksandr Khrolenko

Sputnik International                                                                                 



Pavel Chistyakov. Patriarch St Germogen Refuses to Sign the Polish Decree. 1860

Patriarch St Germogen Refuses to Sign the Polish Decree

Pavel Chistyakov



Mikhail Shankov. Poltava A Victory Toast. 2009

Poltava: A Victory Toast

Mikhail Shankov



Aleksandr Averyanov. The Podvig of General Kostenetsky. undated

The Podvig of General Kostenetsky

Aleksandr Averyanov



Vasili Nesterenko. We Stand for Sevastopol! 2005

We Stand for Sevastopol!

Vasili Nesterenko



00 Isaak Rabichev. The Foe Won't Escape the People's Venegeance. 1941

The Foe Won’t Escape the People’s Vengeance!

Isaak Rabichev



Pyotr Krivonogov. Victory! 1948


Pyotr Krivonogov




The stupidity shown by the Anglo Americans in this matter is overwhelming. If there were one thing that would unite all Russians, from Great Russia, Little Russia, Byelorussia, Novorossiya, and Carpatho-Russia (Podkarpatskaya), and unite the entire Orthodox world under the Russian banner, it’d be inserting Polish papist troops into the war. It’d cause a repeat of 1612… with a new Patriotic War to drive out the hated papist Polacks! President V V Putin and Deputy Chairman of the Government D O Rogozin would be the new Pozharsky and Minin, they’d be popular people’s warlords leading the Orthodox host to victory over the revanchist papist Poles, their drooling Galician Uniate lickspittles, and their scheming Anglo American puppeteers. It’d cause the rise of a politically united Eurasian Union allied with China that’d channel the best of the Imperial and Soviet legacies. The Red Banner and the Cross would be as one… exposing American Republicans and their professions of “Christianity” as mere wind and verbiage. There’s no conflict between the Orthosphere led by Russia and the Sinosphere led by China… as the long as the USA threatens world peace, their alliance is solid.

Besides all of that, which would put finis to the American Hegemony (a ramshackle affair from its start in 1991… it wasn’t founded on strength; rather, it had its genesis in a power vacuüm), it’d stretch American resources beyond the breaking point. There are three crises facing the USA today… it only has the resources to win in one. It can concentrate on ISIS, Greece, or the Ukraine. If it tries to do all three, it runs the very real risk of losing all three. My own thought is that the USA will win a temporary “victory” in Iraq. The majority there is Shia, so, its eventual settling as an Iranian client-state is only a matter of time. The only way that the USA can prevent that is to keep forces in the region. In Greece, the USA may topple SYRIZA using local surrogates (just as the USA used Pinochet to topple Allende, it wouldn’t scruple at using the neofascist Golden Dawn to topple SYRIZA… after all, the USA supported the Colonel’s Junta, didn’t it?). That’s a 50-50; no sane person can predict where Greece will be six months from now.

In the Ukraine, the USA has no chances… it’ll fail… just as it did in South Ossetia in ’08. The best that the USA can hope for is an independent Novorossiya (in Yanukovich‘s base, in the old tsarist lands of Novorossiya), a rump Ukraine based on the borders of the so-called “UNR” of 1918, with problematic status for Galicia, Bukovina, and Podkarpatskaya (they could easily fall into Polish, Romanian, and Magyar control, respectively). This is the BEST that America could get. I expect that Novorossiya would join the TS EvrAsES as an independent state, the rump Ukraine would become a neutral buffer (like Austria and Finland in the Cold War), and Poland, Romania, and Hungary would all take their respective claims. For the USA, the worst-case scenario is that a successful Third Great Patriotic War (the first was in 1812, and the second in 1941-45) would create a united Eurasian Union of People’s Republics (ESNR), bringing the post-Soviet space back under Muscovite Great Russian sovereignty. Indeed, the USA had best watch out… if it overplays it’s hand, it could not only lose in the Ukraine… it could lose the Baltics too.

Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and John Kerry are all arrogant windbags. The USA lacks the means to fight a major land war on the Eurasian World Island. Besides that, the American heartland is within easy reach of RVSN ICBMs, standoff ALCMs launched by VVS-DA strategic bombers, and SLBMs from boomers in the Sea of Okhotsk and Barents Sea fortress areas. That’s why the USA can’t touch the Russian heartland. MAD kept the peace in the 90s… God willing, it’d keep the peace today.

A pack of ravening lunatics from both political factions runs the USA… the USA didn’t learn from Vietnam… it didn’t learn from Iraq and South Ossetia… it isn’t learning from the present war in Novorossiya. Please God, spare us, for America’s “leaders” aren’t only blind, they’re full of hubris and pride… and we all know “what goeth before a fall”…


2 February 2015. Video. Кто к нам с мечом придёт… тот, от этого меча и погибнет! Those who come to us with sword in hand… will die upon that sword!

00 Patriarch Kirill. Mamayev Kurgan. 18.02.14



Click on the above link for the video, I encourage you to go HD 720p and go full-screen.


This video gives you an idea of the vastness of Russian space… the USA has made a specialty of attacking those weaker than themselves. D K Kiselyov said that Russia can turn the American heartland into a smouldering radioactive cinder. This is nothing but the plain truth… but the truth bothers the brattish Anglo toddlers. It bothered them so much that they put Dmitri Konstantinovich on their sanctions list! He’s just a journalist… does the truth jar them so badly? They aren’t perfect and they aren’t invulnerable… they’re sinful-ginful humans like all the rest of us.

Where was the USA in 988? Where was it in 1242? Where was it in 1380? Where was it in 1612? Where was it in 1709? It was nothing but a fourth-rate state in 1812… in 1854, its own internal contradictions weakened it. In 1941, many Americans, especially Republicans, wanted to see Russia go down to defeat before the Germans. Nevertheless, the Red Army fought its way to Berlin… only to have a dirt-ignorant Harry Truman accuse them of “being too far West”. Iosif Vissarionovich merely shifted his pipe, and said, “Yes… in 1814… we were in Paris!”

All too many Anglo Americans are boastful juveniles… they get out of sorts if one doesn’t kiss their ass constantly and tell them how great they are. When John Hancock signed the American Declaration of Independence, Russia had been Christian for 788 years! The entire history of permanent Anglo settlement in what became the USA only dates back to 1609, 406 years ago… the USA began only 239 years ago. America has NOTHING to give the world… NOTHING. It has given the world nothing but tears and sorrow over the last 24 years… it’s time for that to end. God willing, Russia and China will manage to do that. NOT destroy America… RESTRAIN it… keep it within its bounds. Remember, Rome NEVER conquered Parthia… it simply didn’t have the oomph to attack India or China. In like manner, the USA can’t conquer Russia and China… it lacks the means to do so. The cupboard is bare after a generation’s worth of aggressive warfare in far foreign parts.

Bear that in mind as you listen to American posturing and bloviations on the Ukraine. Кто к нам с мечом придёт… тот, от этого меча и погибнет! Those who come to us with sword in hand… will die upon that sword! The Mother-Motherland WILL rise, yet again…


Terrorist Honcho Semyonchenko Seriously Wounded

00 Novorossiya. VSN soldiers. 30.01.15


The VSN ambushed a junta column on the road leading to Debaltsevo, seriously wounding junta terrorist honcho “Semyon Semyonchenko”, the notorious commander of the infamous Donbass irregular Battalion. His Facebook page reported that his condition is serious and deteriorating. Semyonnchenko and his unit were trying to relieve the junta Svityaz Battalion. He was wounded in the morning, quickly took a turn for the worse, so, his men took him to receive medical treatment. At present, there’s still heavy fighting on the road to Debaltsevo. Recently, Semyonchenko criticised the junta, saying that Kiev ignores domestic and foreign policy problems and refuses to supply the troops at the front. He also complained that soldiers “are tired of promises”, because the military authorities don’t properly take care of the supply of arms, the evacuation of wounded, and the timely delivery of spares to the frontlines, and may not do so for several more months.

1 February 2015

Komsomolskaya Pravda


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