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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Over a Third of All Conscripts Called by the Voenkom in Odessa Oblast Evade the Draft and Refuse to Serve

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Deputy Head of the Odessa Oblast Voenkom Valery Ishchenko told a Oblsoviet meeting that more than a third of those drafted in Odessa Oblast refused to serve in the junta forces. Allegedly, about 6,000 conscripted supposedly joined the armed forces, the so-called “National Guard”, and the border guard service during three mobilisation, whilst more than 2,500 evaded service. The Voenkom referred about 900 draft evasion cases to the proper authorities. Protest against mobilisation is growing in Odessa Oblast. Last Sunday, protesters hung a 15-metre-long banner, “It isn’t my War. Say Stop to Mobilisation” over the entrance to the marine station near the Potyomkin Stairs in Odessa.

In the past few days, protests with threats against the Voenkom and public burning of draft notices took place in many raions of Odessa Oblast. About 200 protesters blocked a road in Vinogradovka and prevented the Voenkom and cops from entering. Women at a rally in the raion centre of Tarutino demanded that the authorities stop the war, issuing a formal statement. Thousands participated in anti-war protests Rovnoye and Nadrechnoye. Residents in Limanskoye were ready to beat the local Voenkom members. After the incident, police provided guards armed with avtomats to accompany a local voenkomets, but they failed to prevent protesters from taking the draft notices from him and publicly burning them.

Most protests against the new mobilisation wave took place in southern areas populated by Bulgars and Moldovans. People in the Ukrainian-populated north also protested. On Monday, the Odessa website Dumskaya wrote that people are starting to block roads. It said that almost all men received notices to come to the Voenkom. Even bereaved relatives of Odessa resident Gennady Kushnaryov, who died in the Dom Profsoyuzov arson set by extremist ultranationalists in May last year, also received notices. Swindlers use the situation, posing as military officers, they call parents of draftees, saying their son was mobilised and would go to the war. They attempt to extort money to free the draftee. Odessa newspaper Trassa E-95 wrote, “Many parents are shocked and don’t call their sons to check the information, so, they give the money demanded to the con men”. Minoborony Ukrainy official Yuri Dobrov said that the General Staff and the Oblast Voenkom are aware of the situation.

The latest is the fourth and largest mobilisation in a year. The military plans to mobilise 4,000 people, including 600 reserve officers, in Odessa Oblast alone. It is comparable to the previous three mobilisation waves, when the junta allegedly conscripted about 5,000 men. The Odessa Oblast Voenkom said that 47 Odessa Oblast residents died fighting in Novorossiya and more than 2,000 seriously wounded troops were in a military hospital in Odessa Oblast.

2 February 2015




The junta allegations are lies, purely and simply. Note that they said that 47 Odessa Oblast resident died in the war, but that over 2,000 wounded are in a Odessa Oblast hospital. That’s quite disproportionate, if it were true. I don’t believe that they pressed as many men into service as they claim that they have. It’s not conscription… it’s not a draft… it’s outright impressment, shanghaiing… it’s not organised, ergo, the forces are getting the sweepings… either it receives reluctant sorts who don’t want to fight at all or it enrolls Uniate, schismatic, and sectarian fanatics, who’re more trouble than they’re worth.

Most of the forces in the Crimea rallied to Russia… and it appears that most in the LNR and DNR did likewise. That is, the junta army lost a good proportion of its long-service personnel (including the commander of the Navy!) and all of its bases and depots in the Crimea, LNR, and DNR. On top of that, the Minoborony Ukrainy has had five heads in a year… its present head is a militarised cop, not a soldier at all. To say that the junta forces are in chaos is an understatement… supposedly, an American mission is in Kiev. Well… I don’t envy them their task… they’ll do what the mission in Georgia did… lie like hell, punch their tickets, and get out of Dodge when their rotation comes up. The American mission in the Ukraine will be as successful as “Vietnamisation” was or as successful as the current Afghan puppet forces are… but without American boots on the ground to stiffen them.

That is, the recruitment situation for the junta is a gigantic clusterfuck with no redeeming features whatsoever. The American mission will do what it must to not tarnish their careers over this coming disaster. However, the head of the mission will walk the plank as the sacrificial lamb for Congress and the DoD bureaucrats. Crank world that we live in, isn’t it?



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