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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Price of Bread in Kiev Could Double by Spring

00 Bread or the Lack of It. 07.05.14


Due to inflation, the price of wheat is going up, which could lead to an increase in the price of a loaf of bread to 10 Grivna (41 Roubles. 3.75 Renminbi. 37 INR. 0.60 USD. 0.75 CAD. 0.77 AUD. 0.53 Euros. 0.40 UK Pounds). Yaroslav Krasnopolsky, Ukrainian First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy, said, “In May 2014, the price of wheat was 2,500 Grivna (10,150 Roubles. 930 Renminbi. 9,225 INR. 150 USD. 188 CAD. 192 AUD. 132 Euros. 98 UK Pounds) per ton. We believe that there’d be 100 percent inflation by May 2015. This’d give us a final price of 4,500-5,000 Grivna (18,270-20,300 Roubles. 1,674-1,860 Renminbi. 16,605-18,450 INR. 270-300 USD. 338-376 CAD. 345-384 AUD. 237-264 Euros. 176-196 UK Pounds) per ton, therefore, the price of flour would be 6,000-8,000 Grivna (24,360-32,480 Roubles. 2,235-2,980 Renminbi. 22,100-29,470 INR. 357-476 USD. 450-600 CAD. 462-616 AUD. 315-420 Euros. 237-316 UK Pounds) per ton. As a result, the final price of a loaf of bread would be 9-10 Grivna (37-41 Roubles. 3.35-3.75 Renminbi. 34-37 INR. 0.54-0.60 USD. 0.68-0.75 CAD. 0.69-0.77 AUD. 0.48-0.53 Euros. 0.36-0.40 UK Pounds)”. He listed factors that could lead to increased grain prices, namely, winter conditions (about 16 percent stunted and damaged crops), military operations, and higher prices of materials and technical resources. Another factor is a possible revision of the tax code and introducing a special fee on imported resources to ensure the balance of trade. Officials fear that this situation could set off harmful social consequences in the country.

4 February 2015




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