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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Vova Invites Tsipras to Russia

00 Carlos Latuff. Greek economic Crisis. 2010

The EU/USA duopoly wants to FUCK the Greek people to enrich the already-rich through installing an ILLEGITIMATE neoliberal dictatorship… Russia wants to HELP the Greek people and their freely-elected LEGITIMATE socialist government… which side are YOU on? I’ll confide to you… the Mountain supports Russia! Is that a hint or what?


On Thursday, Assistant to the RF President Yu V Ushakov said that President V V Putin invited recently-appointed Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to visit Russia. In a phone conversation, Putin congratulated Tsipras and the leftist SYRIZA bloc on their election victory and on taking office. Ushakov said, “The conversation was very warm and constructive. Our president invited Tsipras to visit Russia”, adding that, amongst other things, the sides discussed routes to deliver Russian gas to Europe and the situation in the Ukraine.


Lavrov Invites New Greek Foreign Minister to Visit Moscow

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5 February 2015

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