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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Relic of St Demetrios of Salonika the Great Martyr Brought to Moscow from Greece

00 relics of st demetrios of salonika b. moscow. 07.02.15


00 relics of st demetrios of salonika. moscow. 07.02.15

******00 relics of st demetrios of salonika a. moscow. 07.02.15 ______________________________

The website of Novospassky Monastery noted that on 5 February, a Greek Orthodox Church delegation, headed by Metropolitan Panteleimon Kalpakidis of Veria and Naousa arrived in Moscow from Greece bringing a reliquary containing the hand of St Demetrios of Salonika the Great Martyr. At the airport, the superior of the Novospassky Stavropegial Monastery and the MP First Deputy Chancellor, Bishop Savva Mikheyev of Voskresensk met the delegation. From the airport, they took the reliquary to the Novospassky Monastery, where the clergy served a molieben at the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God. St Demetrios is the patron saint of soldiers, so, students of the Moscow M A Sholokhov Cossack Cadet Corps, pupils of the Aleksandr Nevsky Cadet Corps of the SK RF, and members of the Union of Paratroopers and the “Combat Brotherhood” came to venerate the relics. After the service, Bishop Savva thanked Metropolitan Panteleimon for giving believers the opportunity to venerate the holy relics of St Demetrios in the Novospassky Monastery, saying, “The coming to us of the reliquary with the relics of St Demetrios is a mercy and a grace from God. After all, the zeal of the Holy Warrior Demetrios was so great that people called him a ‘Second Apostle Paul’”. In his speech, Bishop Savva also noted that the relics arrived in Russia during the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory over Fascism.

6 February 2015


MP official website



This shows that the Church of Greece stands with Russia, not with the USA. The bringing of the relics of an explicitly military saint shows that the Church of Greece stands against the demonic Uniate junta. You may bow before the relics of St Demetrios or kiss the Pope of Rome’s ass… there’s no other alternative. It’s war and we have to choose sides. Choose wisely…

This is how an Orthodox society prepares for a possible war. It brings out its relics for the soldiers to venerate before marching off with the colours. Note well that Orthodox Greece and Russia stand together… the Greeks aren’t siding with the godless Mammon-worshipping Americans.



Evacuation from Debaltsevo Cancelled for Security Reasons… Uniate Pigs Shelled Refugees Yesterday

00 slavyansk 01. 31.05.14


DNR Deputy Defence Minister Eduard Basurin said that evacuating innocent civilians from Debaltsevo wouldn’t take place on Saturday for security reasons, saying, “There’s no evacuation today; we fear for the safety of the civilians and those carrying out the evacuation. If they can, people are trying to get away on their own; our troops are giving them a hand”. On Friday, Basurin said that junta bands used evacuation of civilians as a cover to deliver munitions.

7 February 2015




If you needed proof that there’s much dishonesty, treachery, and violence amongst Galician Uniates, this is that. Many of them are literal descendants of Nazi collaborationist pigs who pushed Jews into ovens and murdered thousands of Poles in Volyn… many of them are literal descendants of those who informed on their neighbours to the Habsburgs (which led to many patriotic people dying in detention centres such as Terezín and Talerhof). The Galician Unia has been a noxious cancer ever since Kirill Terletsky (“the serpent of Eden”) kissed the Pope’s ass in 1596. The present events in Novorossiya should convince all Orthodox people that we should have no relations whatsoever with this body, and that we should excommunicate all who refuse to break ties with them (like Jillions).

To try to sneak in munitions under the cover of innocents and to shell innocents trying to escape a warzone are war crimes. That means that Ted Cruz, Antonin Scalia, and John McCain should face a war crimes tribunal and we should hang them for supporting the enormities and aggressions of the bloodthirsty Uniate junta… but they won’t face justice here on earth… they have money, and the West worships money (its real god is Almighty Mammon, especially, amongst “Evangelicals”). However… they won’t escape God’s justice…


7 February 2015. OCA Finally Comments on Storheim… LATE… Watch ‘Em “Wash Their Hands”

00 Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. OCA pilates. 01.12


The OCA finally commented on the Storheim story. The First Families are going to concoct a lie that no one will believe. First, there was the gay going-ons of Soraich… then, the kiddie porn plea from Brittain… now, this. Keep it in mind… Fathausen defended and covered up the perps (along with Peterson, Hatfield, Brum, and Eliel). Hmm… the konvertsy go into orgasm about him (I think that their gaydar is FUBAR). Syosset will do the minimum that its lawyers recommend… the people will have much less respect towards the Syosset apparat, but that won’t faze Lyonyo and Jillions. The only thing that saves Mollard is that the people are war-weary and want no more upsets. However… the Centre WILL notice this and mark it down. Will this affect the Centre’s support for the OCA? Time will tell us.


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