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Sunday, 8 February 2015

8 February 2015. Latest Sitrep Maps from Novorossiya

00 VSN Novorossiya 01. 21.01.15


00 novorossiya. debaltsevo map 05.02.15

local situation in Debaltsevo pocket


00 novorossiya. sitrep map. 05.02.15



8 February 2015. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Saakashvili Thinks that the Ukraine Can Conquer Russia… We Should Get His Rubber Room Ready

01 madman


Read this. This guy is either serious, in which case we should get a rubber room ready, or, he’s kissing the Anglo Americans’ ass big-time. I think, sadly enough, that it’s a bit of both! This jabronie was dumb enough to go to war at Condoleezza Rice’s urging in ’08 and got his ass waxed by the Russkies every which way but loose. Today, the junta army is taking French leave en masse, the Grivna is in freefall, the power flickers on and off, the hot water hasn’t been on in months, and junta armed bands attack government buildings. These guys are gonna take Russia? I’ll check into Bedlam with Mr Scrooge…

The only question now is “when” shall the junta fall, not “if”… the post-1991 power vacuüm is over. Russia’s back and the Anglos haven’t caught on yet. They say that payback is a motherfucker…


8 February 2015. Some of My Favourite Things… Gleb Matveichuk… Actor, Singer, Composer

00 matveichuk and makeyeva. 08.02.15


G A Matveichuk with his wife A V Makeyeva sing Aliluiya at a special charity concert “The Road to Goodness” on TV Tsentr on Orthodox Christmas this year


G A Matveichuk, N N Kadyshyova, and N V Baskov sing Broad River at birthday concert for N N Kadyshyova


G A Matveichuk sings Do Not Leave at birthday concert for Ye P Krylatov (he composed the song)


G A Matveichuk with his wife A V Makeyeva sing A Russian Waltz at the birthday concert of A N Pakhmutova (she composed the song and plays the piano)



8 February 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is What Denisenko and Shevchuk Bless When They Bless the Illegitimate Neofascist Junta in Kiev

00 wounded child. novorossiya 02. 08.02.15


This is a teen wounded in the Uniate terror bombardment of Novorossiya. When Shevchuk and Denisenko bless the illegitimate neofascist putschist junta, they bless THIS. If you give one thin dime to any junta-related cause, you support THIS. Reflect on the fact that the “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholic” hierarchies support this… their clergy must give support to this… most “Ukrainian” political and social groups support this. The US Republican Party supports this… what does that tell you of their “Pro-Life” and “Family Values” stance?

Draw your own conclusions, but I believe that it’s proven that “Ukrainianism” is evil, through-and-through, and that no decent person can have anything to do with those who advocate it or with those who support it. Christ hath no concord with Belial


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