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Monday, 9 February 2015

LNR Promises Social Guarantees to Those Who Join the Forces

00 Novorossiya. VSN soldiers 01. 09.02.15


On Monday, I V Plotnitsky, the head of the LNR, said that his government would guarantee that those joining the VSN would be able to resume their jobs at their former salary once the war is over, saying, “We already have many volunteers. They don’t need to worry. They all have social guarantees. We clearly understand what volunteering means”. He added that those voluntarily joining the VSN to fight against the junta would have their jobs and salaries preserved during their period of service. Plotnitsky noted that LNR authorities already have experience of returning ex-servicemen to their previous workplaces, pointing up that those who left their jobs during the summer mobilisation campaign resumed their jobs at their old wage rates. Plotnitsky emphasised once again that service in Novorossiya is voluntary, saying, “We have a volunteer army, and we’ll try to maintain this principle to the end”.

On Monday, a new wave of mobilisation started in the DNR under a decree issued earlier by Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko. DNR Deputy Defence Minister Eduard Basurin said, “Yes, in fact, we started mobilisation”. The number of volunteers wishing to join the VSN remains unknown, but Zakharchenko earlier said that he hoped to beef up the forces with six new brigades.

9 February 2015




9 February 2015. The Latest Bonya & Kuzmich Parody… Kick Back and Have a Smile

00 Bonya and Kuzmich. 13.08.14


This vid has a slow start… things really don’t get rolling until about 40 seconds in…


Not everything is serious… sit back and smile…



9 February 2015. Iranian Press TV Footage of Novorossiyan Works Repairing Captured Junta AFVs

00 Donetsk opolchenie in the field. 23.05.14



Most of the industrial potential of the “Ukraine” is in the Donbass, mostly under patriot control. One of the reasons why the junta war effort is so pathetic is that most of the skilled workers, engineers, and managers are actually Russians… Galician Uniates mostly just strum banduras and grow potatoes. The LNR and DNR have effectively mobilised their resources, both industrial and human… the junta hasn’t, as it dances to the tune of greedster American puppeteers and their oligarch quislings. THIS is why the patriots are able to put junta equipment back into service in the shortest-possible time. Bet on “Red”… as in “People’s Republics”…


Alabama Loses Yet Another Fight to Remain in the 18th Century

00 Politics. Tea Party Fantasyland. 02.01.14

The Alabama version of “history”…


On Monday, the state of Alabama lost yet another fight to remain in the 18th century, extending a losing streak that dates back to the 19th century. Alabama, whose first attempt to remain in the 18th century took place between 1861 and 1865, has never shown signs of giving up the fight, even after a string of stunning defeats in the 1950s and 1960s. According to historians, Monday’s loss brings the number of failed attempts by Alabama to more than 4,000. However, even with this latest defeat, some of the state’s residents, such as Chief Justice Roy Moore, of the Alabama Supreme Court, remained resolute in their fight to return to a time before electricity and indoor plumbing. Moore said, “The US Supreme Court decided that it’s the 21st century. I say, ‘Not in Alabama, it isn’t’”.

9 February 2015

Andy Borowitz

The Borowitz Report

The New Yorker



Let’s not be coy, some of the “religious”, especially, those that I like to call “religious hobbyists”, make a fetish of standing against modernity. That’s ridiculous. Christ and His Apostles used the full spectrum of technology available to them. They did NOT attack contemporary science (indeed, the Apostle wrote that we should listen to our doctors, as God gives them their skill at healing). They did NOT propagate ignorant suppositions in the place of real knowledge (such as “creation science”). In any case, if you want to know what Christianity holds dear… read the Creed. That’s non-negotiable. Everything else is commentary. ‘Nuff said…


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