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Monday, 9 February 2015

9 February 2015. The Blunder is in England… WHY?

00 Alfeyev in England. 09.02.15


Read this and this. The Blunder is in England, rattling on about ecumenism. In light of one of his employees getting nicked for spying for the USA by the Genprokuratura, it leads to interesting questions… is he there on his own nickel? Is he there on the Centre’s orders? Is he there at the behest of the Western special services? Is he there to show support for the West over Russia? NO ONE KNOWS, LEAST OF ALL ME. One of the things that isn’t going to happen is that Langley would use him to set up a “counter-ROCOR” based on Jordanville. Everyone knows that Potapov is Langley’s loyal running dog… elements in Jordanville and Fathausen (and his claque) do back him… however, he’s just a puffed-up archpriest with an inflated sense of self-worth, with no real following outside the District (Fatso has a bigger fan club, believe it or not) and everyone knows his CIA ties, anyway. The disloyal elements have almost all left the fold and the ROCOR episcopate appears solid behind the Centre… no one more so than the repentant Archbishop Gabriel Chemodakov. Do note that the Blunder stopped at Sophoney’s old haunts in Tolleshunt Knights… that’s an EP asset and supporter of the Paris Gang.

Things sure ain’t boring covering the diaspora Russian Orthodox beat… pass the jug… there’s more to come, no doubt.


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