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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

10 February 2015. Now, For Something Entirely Different…

00 the fat cat. 10.02.15


Russian artist Svetlana Petrova’s mother passed away, leaving behind her beloved orange cat, Zarathustra. Svetlana took in her mother’s feline companion; as she worked through her loss and grief, she began inserting Zarathustra into classical paintings. Soon after, it became a full-on project. It led to these amazing works of art, which give even the originals a run for their money.

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Fat Cat Art


Click here for the “Fat Cat” in English


For Those Who Want to Arm Kiev, a Ukrainian Defeat is Better Than an American Retreat

00 novorossiya. civil war 06. 10.11.14


American media reports speak of an intense discussion of a plan to supply arms to the Ukrainian government. If implemented, this plan would mark a very dangerous escalation, which can only end badly. The Ukrainian government resisted all attempts to negotiate with its opponents and it’ll never do so unless others pressure it to do so. Other than through war, the only way that can happen is if Western states, primarily the USA, put sustained pressure on the Ukrainian government to compromise with its opponents by negotiating with them.

Supplying arms to the Ukraine does the opposite. Arming a government that refuses to negotiate, but instead seeks total victory isn’t a formula for peace; it’s a formula for war. The Ukrainian government will undoubtedly construe the supply of weapons as a token of US support for its determination to continue the war. The Ukrainian government would be right to do so. It is impossible to construe the language of US hardliners like Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham as expressing anything other than support for Ukrainian victory. US weapons supplies to Ukraine would signal to the Ukrainian government that these hardliners are in charge in Washington and that the Ukraine therefore has the USA’s support to continue the war.

Beyond this, the weapons themselves create their own dynamic. The mere presence of American weapons would mean the USA is making public its military support for the Ukraine. At that point, it’d engage American prestige, with the USA risking its prestige if the Ukraine is defeated. If defeat looms, therefore, the USA would be under pressure to escalate its support for the Ukraine even more. If small numbers of weapons prove insufficient to turn the tide, demands would escalate for more weapons to turn the tide. The weapons would require trainers to train Ukrainians in their use; the more weapons the USA sends, the more trainers there’d be. As the war escalates, there’d be a greater risk that the lives of some of these trainers would be in danger. Although any suggestion of deploying American troops is off the table, it’s very easy to see how in such a situation pressure down the line to do this to protect the trainers could grow. Once troops are present on the ground, the pressure to use them in combat if things continue to go wrong would be there too. In the 1960s, American critics of the Vietnam War called this dynamic “mission creep”. In Vietnam, it ended in disaster, as it did later in Afghanistan and Iraq, and as it’d do if it ever happens in the Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army is being defeated not because it lacks weapons. The Ukrainian army had an overwhelming advantage in weapons at the start of the war in spring 2014 when it had tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery, aircraft, and helicopters in abundance, whilst its opponents had none of these things. The Ukrainian army couldn’t win then; today, given that its opponents are far better armed, it can’t win now. It can’t win because the overriding political factor that caused the conflict… the hostility of the Donbass to the Euromaidan agenda … makes such a victory impossible. American weapons can’t change this overriding political factor. Thus, they can’t deliver a Ukrainian victory. American weapons can only prolong and intensify the war, causing many more people to die whilst putting international security at risk. This is a bad and reckless idea; therefore, it’s unsurprising that all major European governments oppose it.

10 February 2015

Alexander Mercouris

Sputnik International


His Nibs Shows His Attitude to the Left… He Congratulated the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) on its Anniversary and Congratulated Journalist V S Zorin and Actor V M Zeldin on Their Birthdays… Our Patriarch is a Man of the LEFT… God Bless Us, One and All!

00 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. 10.02.15

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)


00 Valentin Sergeyevich Zorin. 26.04.13

V S Zorin (1925- ), Honoured Culture Worker of the RSFSR, a real mensch and a true reporter


00 Vladimir Zeldin. 10.02.15

V M Zeldin (1915-), People’s Artist of the USSR


To Academician V M Fillippov, RUDN Rector, and the faculty and students of RUDN

Dear Vladimir Mikhailovich! Dear teachers and students!

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on this significant date in the life of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia… the 55th anniversary of its founding. This university is one of the leading higher educational institutions of Russia. It’s highly respected not only here in Russia, but far beyond its borders. Your school had students from nearly 200 countries; many graduates are now prominent scientists, politicians, and public figures. It is encouraging that a number of RUDN graduates are now Orthodox clergy. Expressing hope for the development of constructive interaction between the RUDN and the MP’s theological schools, I wish you all good health, peace, God’s help and success in your works.

Kind regards,

+Kirill Gundyaev

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

5 February 2015


To Journalist and political commentator V S Zorin

Dear Valentin Sergeyevich!

I heartily congratulate you on this remarkable date in your life, your 90th birthday. Several generations of your fellows know you as a great intellectual, writer, and scholar. You appeared on TV and radio, and your numerous articles and works have become an important part of the Russian informational and cultural space. Your professional activity has already entered the history books not only of Russian journalism, but also of political science. You’ve made a significant contribution in establishing trust and good relations between countries and peoples. I wish you good health, peace of mind, creative longevity, and success.

Kind regards,

+Kirill Gundyaev

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

Click here for articles by V S Zorin… see why HH holds him in such high regard


To People’s Artist of the USSR, Holder of the Order “For Merit” V M Zeldin

Dear Vladimir Mikhailovich!

I cordially congratulate you on this very important anniversary, your 100th birthday. The Lord will reward you abundantly for your creative life and longevity. Your professional experience, gleaned from the great masters of the performing arts of the first half of the 20th century, is rich and diverse. Brilliant roles in theatre and cinema brought you deserved national fame, and your high national and international awards are convincing evidence of your creative achievements. It’s remarkable that today you continue to delight many fans of your talent with new works, thereby giving the younger generation a vivid example of fidelity to a vocation and of inspired service to the arts. I wish you good health, good spirits, and God’s generous help in all your good deeds and endeavours.

Kind regards,

+Kirill Gundyaev

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

10 February 2015


MP official website





The rightwingers amongst us (especially, some of the loudmouthed konvertsy), make a loud noise that the Church and the Republican Party are “natural allies”… you hear this from people such as Whiteford, Dreher, Fathausen and Potapov. Nothing is further from the truth. The above personal messages of HH prove that he holds the Soviet legacy in high regard. Therefore, Potapov’s nasty article about Stalin on the ROCOR official website wasn’t only far off the beam, it’s proof that he’s nothing but a stage-managed marionette in the hands of his employer… an organisation known as a CIA front by everyone in the know (we all know about his links with the notorious John Herbst and the oddbod Moonies at the Washington Times, after all).

We can stand with HH and honour the positive achievements of the USSR and of the Left in general, or we can stand with those whom I named above and stand with godless haters of Holy Rus such as Sarah Palin, Rush Limboob, John McCain, and Ted Cruz. That IS the choice and you must choose one or the other. If you choose to stand with Republicans, you stand with those who want to rip out our very heart and make us votaries of Almighty Mammon, as they are. The Republicans support the schismatic and Uniate war criminals in the Ukraine and Novorossiya… need I say more? You can stand with HH and with Good or you can stand with the Republicans and with Evil. That’s the choice… choose wisely…

By the way, the only reason that a cross is in front of the patriarch’s name is that these are official communications personally signed by him… any other use of it by ordinary sorts such as us is wrong, ignorant, and pretentious… ‘nuff said…


10 February 2015. Ukie Junta Strongman Poroshenko Displays Russian Military Hardware Seized from Rebels! (It’s a Joke, Son…)

00 Poroshenko with balalaikas. 10.02.15


Have a laugh… after all, Poroshenko’s Galician Uniate rabble can’t capture a busted-down shitter, let alone any workable military equipment from the patriot forces. The only question now is “when” the junta will fall… not “if” it will…

Sic semper tyrannis… after all, the UPA are “heroes” according to this creepo supremo…


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