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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

DNR sez More than 2,300 Junta Fighters Killed Over Past 25 Days

00 VSN APC 01. 11.02.15


On Wednesday, the Donetsk News Agency said that DNR Deputy Defence Minister Eduard Basurin told a news briefing, “Over the past 25 days since hostilities resumed, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost a helicopter, 179 tanks, 149 APC/MICVs, 135 artillery pieces, and more than 2,300 servicemen killed”. Since Tuesday afternoon, junta forces had 82 casualties. In addition, in the same time-frame, junta forces lost five tanks, two APC/MICVs, seven artillery pieces, and two general-purpose vehicles. On Wednesday, junta artillery shelled civilian areas in the DNR on more than thirty occasions. They targeted Donetsk and its suburbs, as well as Peski, Vesyoloye, and Spartak. The terror shelling killed six civilians and wounded another twelve. Basurin said, “Overall, shelling wounded some 172 people over the past seven days and 114 of them are in hospital”, adding that all the victims were civilians.

11 February 2015




The Uniate pigs deliberately shell civilian areas… that’s terrorism… a war crime. However, is it any different from the murders of the UPA in the VOV and in the immediate postwar period? The apple sure didn’t fall from the tree at all, did it?



11 February 2015. Bishop Demetrios of Chicago Badmouths GOAA Parishioners… People Who LIve in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones…

01 woman on phone


Recently, in the GOAA Metropolis of Chicago, Bishop Demetrios sent interesting e-mails to parishioners… some say that he threatened them. Well… he’d best watch his step. If he goes after someone, especially, someone with bucks (or with access to bucks), things could come out that he wouldn’t like in open court. There’s buzz about Sidetracks… a Chicago watering hole. I can’t say one way or another… so, I won’t repeat what more than one has told me as I can’t confirm it. I’d simply say… “Demetrios… back off. If you don’t, things could come out in an open court case. Be safe… pull back. I can’t and won’t do anything… but if you continue to do things that others construe as harassment, all bets are off. Just a friendly reminder and warning”. The wisest course for the GOAA is for Dokos to cop a plea and offer restitution to the parish. That’d end all of this tout suite. Dokos would get a suspended sentence as a first-timer, the parish would get its money, and the GOAA would put a potential scandal to bed without the bomb going off… the parish and the larger Church would win, only Dokos would walk the plank. Shall they do it though?


11 February 2015. Video Interview with VSN Female Artillery Officer (English Subs)

00 the Ukraine-Novorossiya 01. 05.02.15



THIS is why the patriots will win. Doesn’t it remind you of Zoya and her bravery? Holy Rus LIVES…


11 February 2015. Short List of Candidates for OCA Diocese of the South… Two are Fatso’s Pals… Do We Really Need More of What JP Brought Us?

00 Monomakhos poster. Parma Sobor. OCA. 13.11.12


I got this list from a Cabineteer:

  • Bishop Irineu Duvlea Auxiliary to Archbishop Nathaniel Popp
  • Bishop Daniel Brum Auxiliary to Archbishop Benjamin Peterson
  • Archpriest Calinic Berger Under the omofor of Archbishop Nathaniel Popp
  • Archimandrite Gerasim Eliel Under the omofor of Archbishop Nikon
  • Archimandrite Alexander Pihach Under the omofor of Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard

Three of these jabronies are questionable in the extreme. Brum and Eliel are JP’s tight bros from way back. Do we need more of what Fatso gave us? It’s been 2½ years since he got le sabot, and he’s still in limbo due to his greed. Besides that, Brum wrote the heretical “Brum Doctrine”… that stated that the Metropolitan is a tinhorn dictator. Do you really want the crumb-bum who wrote the trash that Herman and Paffso used to justify their power-grabs? Eliel has a phoney degree from SVS… he wasn’t in residence for the proper time, but they made him the head of the class… he dropped out of GTU due to laziness and incompetence… he’s suddenly a genius? I think not… I can smell shameless ass-kissing at a distance on this one. Pihach was part of the Dickie Wood mess in Moscow and was neck-deep in the Seraphim Storheim affair in Canada. In short, the First Families have learnt nothing. God willing, Brum, Eliel, and Pihach will end in the shitcan, but remember, this diocese installed Paffso before he became Metropolitan. Does the DOS deserve a shitty bishop? I hope that they evade the bullet…


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