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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Shoigu Hails Russo-Cuban Military Relations… Gives De Facto Guarantee to Havana Against American Aggression

00 Shoigu in Cuba. 15.02.15

Shoigu in Nicaragua 


On Saturday, Defence Minister S K Shoigu said during a meeting with Cuban President Raúl Modesto Castro Ruz, “Our relations in the military sphere are developing constructively. We’re interested in expanding coöperation in the naval sphere”. Shoigu thanked Cuba for its reception of VMF RF ships during a port call in Havana. He also invited Cuban delegations to take part in this year’s tank biathlon international competitions, international war games, the 4th International Security Conference, and the international scientific and technical forum Army 2015. President Castro replied that Cuban delegations would take part in these events.

Shoigu said that Russian and Cuban approaches on global and regional security issues “fully coincide”, saying, “Our countries are bound by common interest in forming a just and polycentric world order based on equality, adherence to international law and respect for it, with a central role for the UN”. Shoigu said that his visit to Cuba came when the two countries are strengthening their bilateral ties, noting, “Your country is our long-time friend and a symbol of love of freedom and independence in Latin America. Cuba, which survived a blockade for over half a century, continues to firmly and consistently follow the track of defending its national sovereignty and implementing its development model”.

Shoigu observed that the traditionally good relations between Russia and Cuba are reviving, as seen in the visit of President V V Putin to Havana in July 2014, which gave an impetus to strengthening bilateral ties, saying, “Our priority is to implement agreements reached during high-level meetings”. He went on to point up that the long traditions of friendship between the people of Russia and Cuba are a “firm basis for expanding bilateral coöperation and coordinating efforts on the international arena”. This concludes Shoigu’s trip to South America, during which he also visited Venezuela and Nicaragua.

15 February 2015




The USA could’ve reached out to Cuba in the 1990s… but the GOP chose to kiss the asses of Cuban-American fanatics in Miami. Now, Russia is back on the upswing again… the moment’s lost irretrievably. The USA will pay dearly for pandering to these émigré blockheads.



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