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Monday, 16 February 2015

EU Puts I D Kobzon on Sanctions List… He’s Just a SINGER from Donetsk!



The theme from the famous series Seventeen Moments of Spring… perhaps, his most famous song


The EU has kasha in the head! They put I D Kobzon on the sanctions list! First, they put D K Kiselyov on the list because he pissed off the toddler Anglo American juveniles… now, they put Iosif Davydovich on the list. He’s a singer… he’s a philanthropist… he’s an all-round good guy… he’s not a government official nor is he a military figure… he’s a SINGER. It shows you the vacuous amoral nihilism that lives at the centre of American Exceptionalism… including “liberal interventionists”, “neocons”, “paleocons”, and “Evangelicals”. It strikes down all who won’t bow down to them… have a care, the times are evil, but especially beware all those who call themselves “conservatives”… they’re low rapscallions of the lowest sort, out to rip out your heart for filthy lucre… and “liberals”… they’re only hurting you for your own good, you pitiful thing you. Pogo rules… “We have met the enemy and he is us”… “liberal”… “conservative”… what’s the diff? The one pours hot lead down your throat… the other pours hot lead up your ass. Some choice…



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