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Monday, 16 February 2015

Uniate Junta Pigs Repeatedly Break Truce

00 Uniate Azov Battalion Nazis. 22.01.15


The Donetsk News Agency reported that junta forces shelled the Donetsk airport. It stated, “At the moment, DNR Deputy Defence Minister Eduard Basurin and a group of 30 journalists are at the airport. VSN onsite said that the shelling came from Opytnoye and Vodino”.


On Monday, the Donetsk News Agency reported that DNR Deputy Defence Minister Eduard Basurin said that the VSN isn’t planning to pull back heavy weapons until junta forces halt their artillery fire, saying, “Under the Minsk memorandum, withdrawal of arms could take place under certain conditions, including after a full ceasefire. You see what’s happening at the airport… the Ukrainian forces are again shelling the airport and the adjacent areas. Withdrawal of heavy weapons will only start after a ceasefire. If the Ukrainian forces don’t stop their artillery fire, which violates the Minsk agreements, the VSN won’t pull back their weapons”.

Earlier on Monday, 30 journalists at the airport witnessed shelling coming from junta positions. D V Pushilin, the DNR envoy to the Contact Group, in an interview with the Russian News Service blamed the shelling on units not subordinate to junta authorities. Pushilin emphasised that the VSN wouldn’t open fire first.

Dmitri Yarosh, the leader of the radical Right Sector (banned in Russia as an extremist organisation), announced last week that the group refused to recognise the Minsk agreements reached on 12 February, saying, “Two of my battalions, which are well-armed and equipped, continue the offensive near Debaltsevo, scoring serious military results”.


Sergei Ivanushkin, head of the LNR MChS reported that junta forces shelled Zorinsk, stating, “A strike from a Uragan MLRS hit Zorinsk at 04.30 MSK. At least one person died and one was wounded”. Ivanushkin said the strike disrupted mobile communications with the city, noting, “LNR MChS personnel found parts from two MLRS rockets on a city street”. Currently, LNR MChS and police are working onsite. Ivanushkin said, “They’re documenting the facts of the shelling”.


On Monday, DNR Deputy Defence Minister Eduard Basurin said that junta troops aren’t observing the truce declared by the Minsk group, saying, “We see no ceasefire on the part of Ukrainian punitive battalions, neither do we observe them preparing to pull out heavy weapons from the line of engagement. Therefore, we can withdraw our units from the line of engagement only concurrently with the Ukrainian side, under control of international observers, with members of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) present”. At the same time, Baurin underscored that the VSN was ready to begin implementing the Minsk agreements immediately, noting, “Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian artillery shelled our settlements and positions from missile systems and conventional artillery 49 times. According to radio messages intercepted by our intelligence agencies, Kiev has no control over army units deployed in the Donbass. Especially, I speak about so-called ‘volunteer battalions’… Aidar, Azov, Donbas, Krivbas, and others… they aren’t under the control of the Ukrainian general staff; they fire at DNR civilian areas after getting orders by telephone from their so-called commanders in Kiev”.

16 February 2015







The Uniate war-pigs aren’t laying down their arms. The USA says nothing; the Vatican says nothing. S Yu Shevchuk is a worthy successor of I I Slipy, who blessed the SS. Note well that the so-called “Ukrainian Catholic” hierarchy doesn’t condemn these terrorist pigs and their enormities. In other words, as bad as the “Ukrainian Orthodox” are… the so-called “Ukrainian Catholics” are much worse. I’d call them imposters… they’re no Christians, not after supporting “A Knife for the Moskali” and “The Ukraine for Ukrainians only”. They’re evil… treat them accordingly. Be careful in your dealings with their believers… most are innocent, but many aren’t. Have a care in these dangerous times.



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