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Friday, 20 February 2015

NY Times Sez Fleeing Banderovtsy Create Chaos in Artemovsk

00 junta bandit unit. 18.02.15


New York Times correspondent reported that junta bandits who fled from Debaltsevo roamed the streets of Artemovsk drunk; from time to time, they heard gunfire. Demoralised junta militants milled around Artemovsk after disorderly fleeing from Debaltsevo, complaining of bad leadership, the hopeless situation, and terrible losses. In the central square of Artemovsk, shots rang out from a mob of drunken junta fighters. Many militants hung out on the streets, brandishing guns and bottles of hooch. According to the Times, some of those who fled from Debaltsevo commandeered taxis in Artemovsk and didn’t pay the drivers. Others partied in restaurants, drinking cognac, but they refused to pay up and shot holes in the ceiling. It wasn’t at all clear where they were going to sleep; one group stood silently trembling on the street outside a hotel. Meanwhile, the Times noted that the rout at and the retreat from Debaltsevo wasn’t orderly, with heavy losses. The order to retreat came suddenly, without properly informing subordinate units.

20 February 2015




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