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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Junta Pigs Launched Repressions in Kharkov Oblast in the Wake of Their Provocation Today

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Junta member A V Turdchinov announced the start of repressions in Kharkov, placing the city under martial law, saying, “In connection with the attack that took place in Kharkov, during which, according to preliminary data, one policeman died and five more police and civilians suffered injuries, we activated the highest level of terror alert (sic) and initiated an anti-terrorist operation”. Earlier, the SBU has reported the arrest of four people suspected of organising terrorist attacks in Kharkov. Intelligence agencies immediately arrested these people after the explosion near the Palace of Sports. Besides this, some senior junta officials made rash statements, such as the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” alleging that the terakt proved that the LNR and DNR are terrorist entities.

22 February 2015

Kharkov News Agency



It’s clear even to the slow learners that the junta is full of lying sacks of shit. It’s clear that the terakt today was a junta provocation… they didn’t mind killing their own. Note well who supports them in the US Congress… Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John McCain, and all the “Pro-Life” GOP members of the House… none dare call it HYPOCRISY… oh, yes… Turdchinov is a pal of Pat Robertson, he hung out at “Liberty ‘University’”, he’s a notorious apostate sectarian, and he ran the torture programme in the Ukraine for the Bushies. Shitbirds of a feather do flock together! Uniate and schismatical thugs will roam the city… with the blessing of F A Denisenko and S Yu Shevchuk. The blood of innocents will be on their heads and on the heads of their clergy (for the Uniate and schismatical clergy have to support the hierarchy’s support of the junta’s enormities… SLAVA UKRAINA!)



Junta Forces Suffered Massive Losses in the Last Month

00 knocked out junta tank. novorossiya. 22.02.15


The DNR Minoborony released data on junta losses on all sectors in the DNR and LNR in the period from 12 January to 20 February 2015. Their figures show that junta forces had 10,940 casualties (4,110 killed) and the VSN took 1,178 junta POWs. Matériel losses were also high:

  • 299 tanks (28 captured intact)
  • 38 self-propelled artillery systems (13 captured intact)
  • 4 2S7 Pion 20.3-cm self-propelled guns (3 captured intact)
  • 3 2S3 Akatsiya 15.2-cm self-propelled howitzers
  • 3 2S7 Gvozdika 12.2-cm self-propelled howitzers
  • 151 MICV (33 captured intact)
  • 115 APC (30 captured intact)
  • 24 BM-21 Grad 12.2-cm/40 MLRS (15 captured intact)
  • 1 BM-30 Smerch 30-cm/12 MLRS
  • 205 towed artillery pieces
  • 36 120-mm mortar mortars
  • 16 ZSU-23-2 2.3-cm self-propelled AA guns (captured intact)
  • 6 MT-LB armoured GP armoured vehicles
  • 2 BRDM armoured cars
  • 4 BMD airborne MICV
  • 290 admin vehicles (145 captured)

In addition, the VSN destroyed three Su-25 attack aircraft, 1 helicopter, and 4 UAVs. The VSN also shot down 3 Tochka-U tactical SRBMs. According to the latest information, junta forces abandoned latest-model American radars. It wasn’t even unpacked… it was still in its shipping crates.

22 February 2015




If Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Ted Cruz have their way, the VSN will have even more high-tech American gadgets in their hands. Remember the war in South Ossetia brought to you by the Bushies? Well, the Russians had an intelligence windfall when they captured Gori and the Americans scampered off, leaving all their computers and equipment. The same is happening now… hmm… the same bunch of idiots that supported the aggression in South Ossetia support the aggression in Novorossiya. Why didn’t George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice hang as war criminals? Good question, isn’t it?


22 February 2015. Video. The Story of Yuliya Mikhailova… Maimed by Deliberate Junta Terror Bombardment (English subs)

00 #savedonbasspeople 01. 29.05.14



The Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox hierarchies bless the soulless pigs who did this. This is what “A knife for the Moskals” and “The Ukraine for Ukrainians only” mean. We Orthodox did NOT start this war… we did NOT invade the areas occupied by the American-installed neofascist junta. We did NOT fire artillery into their neighbourhoods… we did NOT murder their children… we did NOT burn down their churches. The Orthodox people just wanted freedom from Uniate and schismatical oppression, to live life as they saw fit. For that, the junta invaded Novorossiya with the blessing of the USA and the Vatican. This video starts out with boastful junta pigs glorying in their terror attacks on innocents. BASTARDS!

This is why I took Vassa Larina’s recent lovefeast with the Uniates so hard… she sucked up to those who bless aggression and terror against innocent Orthodox people. When she did that, she gave aid and comfort to an institution that blesses those who fire rockets at innocent Orthodox civilians. May she turn from this path… otherwise, may God see and judge…


Statement of Kharkov Partizans Identifying Bomb Attack on Pro-Junta March as Junta Provocation

00 kharkov. murdered man on fence. 04.10.14

THIS is what the junta and its Anglo American sugar daddies do in Kharkov… this is more of the same. However, take heart, only the terminally stupid will take the junta provocation at face value.


Kharkov partisans, waging guerrilla war against the Kiev junta in Kharkov and Kharkov Oblast, had no part in the bomb incident during a pro-junta march on 22 February 2015. We didn’t plan this terakt… we don’t plan actions in places crowded with peaceful civilians, regardless of their political views. We think that the junta media is trying to fool ordinary Ukrainians. As we’ve stated many times, we won’t put innocent lives at risk. Moreover, we have reliable information that Avakov [junta “Minister of Internal Affairs”] gave orders to toss the bomb at the marchers to have a pretext to launch repressions in Kharkov Oblast. Residents of Kharkov! One year ago, monsters, sadists, and murderers came to power in the Ukraine, which only want to sacrifice ordinary Ukrainian people to achieve their aims. We’re nothing but tokens in their dreadful game. Nevertheless, we will win.

Filip Ekozyants

Kharkov partizan spokesman

22 February 2015

Truth About the Situation in the Ukraine


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