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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Statement of Kharkov Partizans Identifying Bomb Attack on Pro-Junta March as Junta Provocation

00 kharkov. murdered man on fence. 04.10.14

THIS is what the junta and its Anglo American sugar daddies do in Kharkov… this is more of the same. However, take heart, only the terminally stupid will take the junta provocation at face value.


Kharkov partisans, waging guerrilla war against the Kiev junta in Kharkov and Kharkov Oblast, had no part in the bomb incident during a pro-junta march on 22 February 2015. We didn’t plan this terakt… we don’t plan actions in places crowded with peaceful civilians, regardless of their political views. We think that the junta media is trying to fool ordinary Ukrainians. As we’ve stated many times, we won’t put innocent lives at risk. Moreover, we have reliable information that Avakov [junta “Minister of Internal Affairs”] gave orders to toss the bomb at the marchers to have a pretext to launch repressions in Kharkov Oblast. Residents of Kharkov! One year ago, monsters, sadists, and murderers came to power in the Ukraine, which only want to sacrifice ordinary Ukrainian people to achieve their aims. We’re nothing but tokens in their dreadful game. Nevertheless, we will win.

Filip Ekozyants

Kharkov partizan spokesman

22 February 2015

Truth About the Situation in the Ukraine



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