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Monday, 23 February 2015

23 February 2015. Your Tax Dollars at Work… Courtesy of John McCain and Ted Cruz… Gee, Ain’t it So “Pro-Life?”

00 damaged hospital. Donetsk. 23.02.15


The above is an image of a hospital in Donetsk hit by junta terror shelling. The USA supports this… especially, the US Republican Party. US Republicans claim that they’re “Christian” and that they’re “Pro-Life”. The above image proves both assertions to be demonic lies. THIS is what happens when people worship the Almighty Dollar instead of Almighty God. Remember this… “the foulest flowers grow in the shadow of the altar”. That is… some of the biggest atheists are those with “religious” sentiments on their lips. Bite the coin… there be counterfeits in circulation…

Pro-Life is MUCH more than anti-abortion…



23 February 2015. SLAVA UKRAINA! Poroshenko Boasts that He’s Gonna Retake the Crimea… In a Pig’s Arse, I Say!

00 destroyed junta tank in Uglegorsk. DNR Novorossiya. 23.02.15


Poroshenko boasts that he’s gonna retake the Crimea. Look at the above image from the Debaltsevo Pocket. I don’t think that Poroshenko’s fantasy has any chance of happening, short of an American invasion… which isn’t going to be. I think that he’s on borrowed time… he knows it, for he’s seen to it that his family is abroad, in safety. Look at the above… that’s “Galician Consciousness” in action… big words, arrogance, strutting about… and nothing in reality when the fat lady sings. They don’t have a clue, except to boast and posture. I fear that things here in the diaspora will get dicier when all the disappointed Uniates and schismatics flee the “Ukraine” after their pseudo-state collapses. They’ll bring their hate and their bile with them… they’ll blame everybody other than themselves for their stupid mistakes. God do help us all.


23 February 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… It’s “Debaltsevo”, Galician Hillbillies

00 Debaltsevo VSN. 23.02.15


Here are VSN troops in front of a sign for Debaltsevo… note the CORRECT spelling. “Debaltseve” is Galician Hillbilly Pidgin, and no cultured person should use it… it’s nekulturny to the max. They go about, throw tantrums, and generally make themselves pains-in-the-arse. Well, you needn’t pay attention to them. If they try commenting on your stuff, spam ’em without comment. In like manner, don’t go into their commboxes… that’s looking for trouble and juvenile to the max. Use your brains…


DNR Reports 29 Shelling Incidents from Azov Battalion Neofascists

00 Debaltsevo. Novorossiya. 02. 18.02.15


On Sunday, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin said, “Over the past 24 hours, we registered as many as 29 episodes of shelling at our districts. We referred this information to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination for ceasefire issues and situation stabilisation. The bulk of shelling reports came from near the Donetsk airport and surrounding settlements. Ukrainian troops opened fire here 21 times”. In addition, Basurin said that the junta Azov Battalion shelled VSN positions. He reported, “From five in the morning, they opened fire at our positions from Azov Battalion positions west of Shirokino. It killed one of our soldiers and wounded two more”. Basurin said that the VSN plans on 24-25 February to repatriate the bodies of dead junta militants from the Donetsk airport. They’ll do this with OSCE and ICRC supervision. He also stated that the DNR would focus its efforts on rapid rehabilitation of social infrastructure, saying, “We’ll pay special attention to Debaltsevo, where the Ukrainian army deliberately destroyed the entire utilities infrastructure. We know that they sabotaged electrical substations, TPP stations, and the water supply system. We managed to clear many facilities”. Earlier on Monday, monitors of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission who’d visited Debaltsevo said that it was on a brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. Irina Gudima, a mission spokesman, told TASS, “Yesterday, we stayed there for about 30 minutes. We saw that there wasn’t a single undamaged building; there wasn’t a single intact building. There’s no water, no food, no heat, no electricity, no medicines in the town”.

23 February 2015




Note what the junta pigs do… they destroy infrastructure in an attempt to kill the population in patriot areas. In short… they’ve learned well from their Anglo American puppeteers. They do nothing but hit out at all who discomfit them… and issue smarmy apologias of how “exceptional” they are. “Knife the Moskali!” This is what that means…


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