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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stratfor Chock Fulla Shit… Predicts a Russian Collapse

00 sleeping bear. 24.02.15

The Bear is sleeping… I’d recommend the asshats at Stratfor to shut the fuck up. Bears don’t like being poked at, dontcha know…


Read this. Read it? Read it all? What arrant bullshit… it’s bollocks on stilts! Barron’s called Stratfor the “shadow CIA”… that shows you how intelligent the average “conservative” is… the GOP isn’t the “Stupid Party” for nought! Stratfor only has 75 to 200 employees max… it’s no intelligence agency, it’s a commercial security firm that sells crank predictions at 40K per annum. Only asshats on the level of Ted Cruz, John McCain, and Rod Dreher take it seriously. However, it’s useful… it’s what the Anglo American toddlers want in the world. They want to rip apart Russia, destroy Orthodoxy, and replace it with their godless Sectarian twaddle. Stratfor is utter nonsense, not worthy of a lengthy refutation. However, “conservatives” slobber over its vacuities. I’ll only say this… Russians survived the 900 Days… they’ll survive whatever the bratty Amerikantsy toddlers toss at them. Trust me on that…

One last thing… this has all the marks of something “run up by the apprentice whilst the blacksmith was out”. The American hegemonic project is going into the shitter big-time… Stratfor is one of its shameless whores. Ergo, this “report”… I don’t think that it’s going to stop the collapse of the “Ukraine” nor stop the Sino-Russian alliance (which scares the shits out of the Amerikantsy juveniles). Read Stratfor in the light of those facts…



8,000 Draft Dodgers in Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast Alone

00 the finger. the bird. 02.09.13


According to Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast Voenkom member Yuri Veranovsky, “Most communities oppose us; village heads refuse to deliver draft notices”. The Voenkom noted that many flee abroad; others hide at home and don’t open the door. Ukrainian law provides for criminal liability for evasion of military service. In particular, draft evaders face two to five years in prison. This year, the junta forces were to mobilise up to 200,000 men. On top of that, further plans added an additional 40,000 draftees. On 15 January, the Verkhovnaya Rada approved a decree of junta strongman Poroshenko to hold three waves of mobilisation in 2015. On 29 January, the junta alleged that the first stage of this year’s mobilisation was complete. However, experts said that the mobilisation faced great difficulties. In particular, recently, the flow of young men of military age going from the Ukraine to Russia rose sharply. Later, the junta General Staff admitted that many problems beset the mobilisation. Since 2 February, more than a third of Odessa conscripts refused induction into the junta forces.

24 February 2015



Grivnya Now at 32.5 to 1 USD

empty pockets no money


Today, the forex rate for the grivnya against the USD now stands at 32.5 to 1. That’s a loss of 8 percent in just a few days. It looks like hyperinflation is on the way. The junta has had some major accomplishments:

  • the collapse of the national currency
  • making the national forex reserves and gold reserves disappear
  • destroying the living standards of Ukrainian working class families
  • the loss of the Crimea to the Russian Federation (actually, a reunion, as the Crimea was part of the RSFSR until 1954)
  • ripping up of Ukrainian commercial trade relations
  • closing down industries and mines
  • a disastrous war in Novorossiya
  • replacing professional police forces with Uniate vigilantes and toughs

Ain’t unbridled Free Enterprise and Conservatism grand?


German Commies Aid Kid’s Hospital in Gorlovka

01 kid in hospital



A paediatric hospital in Gorlovka received medicine from Die Linke deputies of the German Bundestag. The hospital needs medicine; the range of medicines available to it is very limited. The hospital staff thanks the German deputies for their shipment of humanitarian aid.

20 February 2015

Gorlovskie Vedomosti



The Left HELPS the people of Novorossiya… Neoliberals (“conservatives”) aid those who bomb them. By their fruits, ye will know them… what does that tell you about the American Anglo Establishment and those Orthodox who whore for them? I hope that one in suburban Maryland ponders the TRUE price of his house… rather Faustian, wasn’t it?


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