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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

No Tickee, No Washee… Russia Tells Uniate Deadbeats “No Money, No Gas, No Foolin'”

00 gas pipeline. russia. 19.02.15


Read this. Since 1991, the Uniate deadbeats have sucked on the tit of Russian subsidies to the Ukraine. They’re unable to run their pseudo-state without them! It’s time to pay up or shut up… but they’ll do neither. They’re the Welfare Queens of Europe! They expect Russia to pay for their Welfare Cadillac (the Uniate establishment in Lvov) as they trash Russians in all venues. Well, the Bear sez, “No money, no gas, no foolin'”… that’s the real reason for the bluster in Washington… they’re trying to get Russia to pump more gas to their unruly Uniate bully-boys. I’ll say this, “You scream, ‘Knife the Moskali!’ Well, don’t be surprised if the Moskali order you to pay up what you owe and in full. After all, you’re great proponents of the ‘Free Market’. That means that you pay up or you get shut down. It’s up to you”.

We’ve listened to hate speech from Uniates for decades (from even before the days of the Ukrainian “pseudo-state). Payback IS a motherfucker, ain’t it?



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