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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Zimmerman Whitewashed by Feds

00 No More Hate Crime. 18.09.13


Read this. Let’s keep this focused… no Neighbourhood Watch member can carry arms. I got this from several cops… the Neighbourhood Watch are NOT sworn deputised peace officers, ergo, they can’t use force, which Zimmerman did do. Furthermore, Neighbourhood Watch members are under orders NOT to initiate contact with others (as all my sources told me)… their job is to report suspicious activity to the coppers, who’d confront the plug-uglies. In short, Zimmerman broke all ordinary procedure by confronting and shooting Trayvon Martin. He needs to face a federal court for that solid and concrete offence, not a “hate crime”. He took the power of a deputised peace officer into his (untrained) hands… he belongs in the slam for that. The Republican Party makes him their poster child. If you needed proof that they glorify criminality… well, this is that. I can’t understand why the corporate media won’t report that Zimmerman criminally overstepped his bounds as a Neighbourhood Watch member… I do wonder why…


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