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Friday, 27 February 2015

“Street Justice” in Užgorod… “Heroes of the ATO”: The Locals Beat the “Warriors”

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I think that the author of this is being VERY sarcastic about the junta militants… note that her contempt for them just oozes out. Read the following in that spirit.



Four soldiers who returned unscathed from the warzone are now under treatment for injuries of varying severity, including one who is in hospital. These “ATO heroes” met with an unfriendly reception in their hometown… 20 young people attacked and beat these “defenders” who returned to Užgorod from the area of ​​ATO to bury their brethren. Moreover, the attack took place on the patriotic holiday on the anniversary of the success of the Maidan. It went like this… after a hard day (the funeral of friends), they wanted to remember their fallen comrades, so they went to the “Skybar” at midnight. However, a group of Užgorod locals didn’t want these “heroes of the ATO” around, asked them to leave, and told them not to get in the way of the civilised leisure of future recruits.

This is how it all happened to our group of “volunteer warriors”, who came to have a drink for the souls of their “heroes”, then, apparently, planned to go back to their volunteer service. One of the volunteers related the incident, “Two drunk guys provoked a fight, then, began to threaten us, but they left the bar. To get out of this unpleasant situation, our guys called a taxi to go home. Half of the guys went at once, but four took went outside to wait for a taxi, but the taxi never came. About 20 guys ran out of the bar and started to beat up our guys… one lost consciousness after somebody hit him on the head with a board… he has a concussion, a broken nose, and many bruises; another got hit on the head with an iron object like a valve. A third took off his jacket and put it on his head as they began to hit him violently, and they knocked the fourth to the ground, and pushed him all around”.

In general, it’s very strange that brave warriors who fight packs of terrorists in the combat zone offered no resistance when a bunch of skinny fellow countrymen beat them on the head with boards. After this impromptu beating, the “ATO heroes” tried to give a written statement of the incident to the cops. However, an “ambush” waited them, even here… the Užgorod patriots got to the cops first, demanding that they punish the soldiers for hooliganism. The cops are investigating the incident about the volunteers; they appealed to the public to keep calm. However, one meets a completely different mood at bus stops, in the market, and in stores… people openly express their approval of the actions of their fellow countrymen and don’t sympathise with the “defenders of a unified Ukraine”.

23 February 2015

Olga Talova



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