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Saturday, 28 February 2015

28 February 2015. Nemtsov Hit Caught on CCTV Footage

01 Boss Hogg Republicans


Read this. The Nemtsov hit just gets goofier and goofier. It appears that a CCTV camera caught everything. This proves that utter amateurs pulled off the hit. The first thing that all pros do, regardless of nationality, is to case the area for vidicams and to disable them, if need be. They didn’t do this. This is proof that no real intel asset or trained merc did the job. This is a screwed-up dumbed-down Rambo-wannabe clusterfuck from Dogpatch all the way around. I think that some idiot in Langley sat on somebody in the US Embassy, who tried to get pros to do the job, but got turned down. The Saker is dead wrong on this one. This was NOT a well-planned well-thought-out op… it was quite the opposite. This was such a Sad Sack affair that it made Boss Hogg n’ Enos look good… it was such a tits-up that it made Lil’ Abner look like Einstein. All that it did was to rally support behind VVP and make it look like the Anglo Americans are nutty fools bent on war. The fact that no one thought of consequence makes it clear to me that this mishmash came about because someone in the District was getting hell because the American running dogs in the Ukraine are going down. They sat on someone in Langley, who sat on someone in  the US Embassy in Moscow, who sat on someone in the US Embassy in Kiev. They wanted action NOW… it’s clear that this was a stab in the dark… a blind hit. I think that some Russian bloggers think that Langley and Washington are following some sort of nefarious rational plan… I have news for them… they aren’t. The Americans are trying to cover their bets with IOUs… and the bank ain’t buying it. A well-planned “wet affair” could’ve sowed terror and uncertainty at the Centre. Instead, all that it did was to rile folks and get ’em hot n’ bothered. In short, Langley fucked up royally.

I wonder what’s going to come out next… this has turned into the worst farce that I’ve ever seen. Pass the jug…



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