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Monday, 2 March 2015

Junta Defrauds Seniors… Takes Bread Out of the Mouths of Pensioners to Line the Banksters’ Pockets

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On Monday, a media release on the Verkhovnaya Rada website said that it passed a law restricting payment of pensions to working pensioners until 2016. It also cancelled payment of special pensions for working members of parliament, judges, and state employees. The law stipulates that working pensioners would receive 85 percent of their current pensions, but not less than the minimum wage for those who lost ability to work. To date, the minimum wage in the Ukraine is about 949 grivnya per month (2,240 Roubles. 225 Renminbi. 2,220 INR. 36 USD. 45 CAD. 46 AUD. 32 Euros. 23.50 UK Pounds). According to Ukrainian “Prime Minister” A P Yatsenyuk, reducing pensions wouldn’t affect working pensioners whose pension is less than 1,500 grivnya (3,540 Roubles. 356 Renminbi. 3,500 INR. 57 USD. 71 CAD. 73 AUD. 51 Euros. 37 UK Pounds). The IMF demanded this “reform” before it’d grant a new loan to the Ukraine.

2 March 2015

Sputnik International



All hail the banksters! All hail the oligarchs! All hail to the Almighty Dollar, the Ruler of All! This is what the Anglo Americans support. This is what John McCain slobbers over. This is what Shevchuk and Denisenko bless. Potapov and Paffhausen give a hearty amen to this. Any questions?


2 March 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… It’s Easier to Rebuild a Bridge than it is to Rebuild Trust

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THIS is why Novorossiya will NEVER rejoin the “Ukraine”. It’s easier to rebuild a bridge than it is to rebuild trust. Broken concrete is easier to clear away than broken promises. If you didn’t think that “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics” bless evil… look at this image. THIS is what their hierarchies bless when they bless the junta in Kiev. Nasty, isn’t it…


2 March 2015… A Point to Ponder… How “Good” is Good?

01 Angel Devils Tussling for Soul


I made the following as a comment on a Facebook post and realised that it was a top-right submission in its own right. Hat tip to Fr Marty Wall for getting the ol’ brain in gear… the above image is of a devil and an angel tussling for a soul. That’s where it’s at…



Here’s the problem… we don’t come into a “good” world… we come into a fallen, fallen world that defies “good” solutions. What do you do with Uniate artillery aimed at civilian neighborhoods? Do we “turn the other cheek” or do we fight back? NO, I’m not arguing that “fighting back” is intrinsically “good” (it isn’t)… but sometimes we don’t have a “good” choice. I’d say that one has to keep in mind that the solution, although not “good” was the only one available… that is, one can oppose evil, but not hate those doing it. That is, the best solution would be to destroy the Uniate artillery without destroying the Uniate artillerymen, but that’s not always on offer. This isn’t a “hypothetical”… it’s what our coreligionists in Novorossiya face every day. What do you do when hateful people target your home? YES… what do you do? I fear what was on offer here was a bit… SUPERFICIAL. Not meant as a personal criticism or slam… but there’s MUCH more to it than you implied in your text. The subject is much more nuanced and tricky, I’d say.



You can NEVER fight evil with evil… that’s the conundrum… that’s what makes so many situations moral quandaries. The world isn’t a black n’ white cartoon. Beware all those who peddle nostrums… I’ve found that they always have agendas… and those agendas NEVER favour YOU…


IMF Defeat, Part 2: This is What Happens When Banksters are Unleashed Upon a Country

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 I retained the emphasis in the original

Everyone Is a Victim

Last time, I spelled out how a small but determined band can resist the Western banksters even on the field of battle. People liked that article. I wanted to write another article though to make something very clear… both the Ukraine and Novorossiya are victims of these banksters. Although one of the key principles that I cherish is the principle of self-determination and self-rule, I’m certainly not “anti-Ukrainian”, in fact, quite the contrary. I’m all in favour of seeing real peace, prosperity, and sovereignty for any of the Ukraine’s people that wish to stay in the Ukraine. Novorossiya, with her many victories, paid dearly for her resistance. The Ukraine’s citizens, duped by their bankster government, suffered enormously at the hands of these fiends for failing to resist. Both suffered, but for completely different reasons. In just one short year…the IMF and DC utterly hollowed out the Ukrainian nation. The bankster horsemen unleashed upon their populace continue to “up the ante” of their destruction with each passing week. Today, I wanted to detail for you, just a taste of some of the other “gifts” one can expect, if they allow banksters to rule them.

Vaporised Gold

Firstly, let’s recall that the CIA and DC instigated the Maidan Coup, which cost hundreds of lives and ruined much of historic downtown Kiev. They fooled the people of the Ukraine into thinking they’d gotten their country back, when the sad disturbing reality was that they’d just lost what little bits of sovereignty and control they’d had left. The new puppet governors wasted no time in looting the Ukraine either, for in March of 2014 (just one month later), something very sinister happened. In the dead of night, at 02.00, a mysterious convoy of black trucks and several minibuses arrived at the Kiev airport with all their tags missing. Then, at least 15 men wearing Kevlar and black masks, armed with machine guns, loaded up a nearby unmarked plane with over 40 heavy boxes they’d transported to the site.  Once they loaded these boxes into the plane, it immediately took off from Borispol and the unmarked vehicles left without a trace.  At first, folks wondered what that ordeal could’ve been about. Shortly afterwards, it came out that one of the first orders of the brand-spanking-new bankster régime had been to send “all the gold reserves of the Ukraine to the USA”….for the “people’s own good”, of course! As usual, the alternative media led mainstream outlets in providing this news, as it the NBU finally made a shocking admission, “There’s almost no gold left in the vaults of the central bank. There’s a small amount of gold bullion left, but it’s just 1 percent of reserves”.

At the end of it all, they’d completely looted the Ukrainian gold reserve. The bankster regime absconded with the lion’s share aboard that plane and probably sold off the rest to pay for the godless immoral war that the IMF was now demanding the Ukraine fight against Novorossiya. To add to the final insult, some of those involved with the NBU actually replaced real gold with painted lead bricks in its place! Say what you want about former ousted president Yanukovich, but they instantly reversed the undeniable trend he’d set, of steadily building up Ukraine’s gold reserve, and the banksters now pulling the strings plundered the sovereign wealth of the Ukraine.

Currency Crisis 

Brothers, if you think that was just their gold reserves that Ukrainians have had to kiss goodbye to though, think again!  Oh no, the banksters had plenty more acts of beneficence for this populace to enjoy. Things like hyperinflation! Or, unsurprisingly, since losing their gold, and spending every last cent of IMF blood-money on war, their currency, the grivnya, is in utter freefall. For a while, the central planners in Kiev tried to peg their currency to the USD, at roughly a rate of 16 to 1. Earlier this month, when they announced they could no longer defend this peg, they began let their currency float. It was only then that people began to understand the true extent of the damage that the banksters had done to their currency.

“Watchman, that’s nuts, how would you even trade something like that?”

Excellent question, friend! The answer is… you don’t!  In fact, this is precisely why they halted currency trading several times in the past week alone in that currency. Panic has spread; now, the local populace is desperately trying to hold onto some semblance of purchasing power by quickly spending their grivnya on tangible things. Despite (or rather because of) the banksters’ attempts at capital controls, the grivnya’s freefall continued rather unabated throughout February, and by the end of just one month, their currency been cut in half for the second time in less than a year! My friends, that “slice and dice” spelled sheer chaos and suffering for tens of millions of people. Now, Ukrainians now have less purchasing power and a lower minimum wage than even Third World countries like Zambia or Ghana! Theirs is now the lowest minimum wage (in real terms) in the Western world!  

Empty Food Shelves

The next dreaded event that the IMF bestowed upon the Ukraine was food shortages! According to locals, what’s now occurring is the most extreme market event they’ve experienced since the Soviet collapse. No one wants to hold grivnya in their wallet or their bank account, you name it. They’re all seeking things they’ll need the most with any currency they still own… namely food. Now, photo after photo of empty stores and shelves cover the web. What started as trickle of sporadic shortages in various items has become something much worse, both in Kiev, and in surrounding cities. At first, the chief things stored away by those with foresight, were luxury items like caviar, alcohol, and medicines, but now that fear has spread… everything is becoming a luxury item! Things that we take for granted… like coffee, tea, and canned goods, flour, and cooking oil are now harder to find than a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. Today, one consumer good at a time slowly disappears, hidden away in the pantries of citizens who’ve lost all confidence in their government. In some instances, people wait on line for hours, at ATM’s, and grocery lines, to get whatever’s left.

“Well, Watchman, why doesn’t the government just use their excess emergency food reserves to help meet the peoples’ needs?”

Another great question, brother! They’d do that… if they hadn’t already stolen the emergency food reserve! Now, the need is widespread and the calls for emergency foodstuffs grow louder… they’ve discovered that the emergency supplies of both food and medicine are long gone! That’s right, just at the precise moment that Poroshenko ordered the national emergency food reserve released to feed the masses… he was absolutely horrified to find that these reserves were either stolen or used to feed junta soldiers in his disastrous war effort against the Novorossiyan people! The shortages are so systemic, that Kiev is now resorts to food rationing (which never works). Can other fail’tastic policies, like price controls, be far behind?  If the slide continues longer, count on it!

Endless War

Last, but not least, it’s no secret that the IMF basically ordered Kiev to fight this war, and since Poroshenko; since the entire “Maidan régime” is a bankrupt puppet of these Money Masters, why would we expect them to do anything else than what they tell the, to do? They try to fool the populace, through numerous propaganda barrages, that they’ve been fighting Russian forces. The truth is that their commanders force junta soldiers to point their heavy artillery and tank fire directly toward civilian targets! For months, hundreds of times, the bankster junta forces purposefully targeted bridges, suburban areas, schools, hospitals, bus stops… any target, most with no possible military value. The Kiev régime shows no regard for the lives of the women, children, and elderly that they claim to rule. The junta told its soldiers that they were fighting terrorism, but the junta cruelly reduced them to terrorists themselves. In the process, they’ve lost battle after battle, as many thousands of soldiers return home in coffins.

The Question We Should be Asking Ourselves

Although I’m pro-Novorossiya, I’m by no means “anti-Ukrainian”.  I wrote this piece to demonstrate, that since the Maidan Revolution in Kiev (a revolution birthed by the US government for the benefit of technocratic banksters), that Ukrainians have known nothing but misery and suffering. It’s a most heartbreaking thing to watch. The tragic part about it all was that just as the Ukrainian people thought they were going to be rid of oligarchic leadership, in that key moment, they instead got something someone worse by orders of magnitude. It was a cynical and cruel trick, to use such a revolution to enslave the populace, but no one ever accused our enemies of being a beneficent bunch of folks, have they? The Ukrainian people have not only unwittingly let in their worst possible foes, but made them heads of state as well. In just one short year, after letting in this parasitic class:

  • They’ve lost their gold reserves.
  • They’ve lost food reserves, and experienced shortages across the country.
  • They’ve lost many thousands of their sons and daughters on the battlefield.
  • They’ve lost their economic stability.
  • They’ve lost the coveted cheap natural gas contracts they once had with Russia.
  • They’ve lost entire regions of the country forever, due to peoples seceding to take their lives back.
  • They’ve lost their freedom of expression, as authorities now go on witch-hunts for those who even express support for breakaway regions.
  • They’ve lost the hope that their country can have governance that actually wants to make their country a better place.

By the way, do any of the scourges I just mentioned above sound… familiar? Here in the States, we’ve already experience several of these direct consequences of bankster rule including perpetual war, loss of gold reserves, economic crashes, recessions… but let me ask you this… once the US Dollar becomes the new Grivnya (and it will), do you really believe we won’t experience the rest of those things?


I’ve previously referred to the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements etc., as financial vampires, and so they are.  These insidious groups dig their sharp fangs into unsuspecting peoples, by first dangling debt carrots in front of them. We must ever take that bait, for once we take it, they’ll suck you dry of your wealth, your stability, your sovereignty, your dignity, and in even your very lives (as they’ve done in this war). The Ukraine thought they were fighting for their freedom at the Maidan, but they were tragically just embracing a new terror, much worse than the old one was! I pray that the people of the Ukraine can stand up to the bankster régime in Kiev and institute actual sovereignty and self-determination. It’d likely take a painful collapse, and perhaps even another revolution for that to occur. It’s possible, but it’d mean more pain, either way. Let the fate of the poor Ukraine be a lesson to us all… when the Western bankers come a-knocking, and bearing gifts, you must bar the door at all costs!  Suffer not even one of those monsters to enter your country, lest they unleash these dark and powerful forces in your midst as well!

2 March 2015

The Wealth Watchman


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