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Monday, 2 March 2015

Junta Defrauds Seniors… Takes Bread Out of the Mouths of Pensioners to Line the Banksters’ Pockets

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On Monday, a media release on the Verkhovnaya Rada website said that it passed a law restricting payment of pensions to working pensioners until 2016. It also cancelled payment of special pensions for working members of parliament, judges, and state employees. The law stipulates that working pensioners would receive 85 percent of their current pensions, but not less than the minimum wage for those who lost ability to work. To date, the minimum wage in the Ukraine is about 949 grivnya per month (2,240 Roubles. 225 Renminbi. 2,220 INR. 36 USD. 45 CAD. 46 AUD. 32 Euros. 23.50 UK Pounds). According to Ukrainian “Prime Minister” A P Yatsenyuk, reducing pensions wouldn’t affect working pensioners whose pension is less than 1,500 grivnya (3,540 Roubles. 356 Renminbi. 3,500 INR. 57 USD. 71 CAD. 73 AUD. 51 Euros. 37 UK Pounds). The IMF demanded this “reform” before it’d grant a new loan to the Ukraine.

2 March 2015

Sputnik International



All hail the banksters! All hail the oligarchs! All hail to the Almighty Dollar, the Ruler of All! This is what the Anglo Americans support. This is what John McCain slobbers over. This is what Shevchuk and Denisenko bless. Potapov and Paffhausen give a hearty amen to this. Any questions?


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