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Monday, 2 March 2015

RBTH Video… A Glimpse at the Holy Land in Novy Ierusalime Monastery



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Patriarch Nikon Minin founded the Novy Ierusalime Monastery  in 1656. He based its design on the famous Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Nikon intended to build a series of holy places in the Moscow suburb of Istra as replicas of the sacred sites of Palestine. The Patriarch lived for eight years in the monastery, devoting all his energy to the construction so that Russians could familiarise themselves with the Passion of Christ without needing to take a long and expensive journey to the Middle East.

2 March 2015

Pavel Inzhelevsky

Ruslan Faizulin

Russia Behind the Headlines



They Cry About Nemtsov? WHAT ABOUT THE DEAD KIDS?!?

00 little girl killed by the Uniates. DNR. 02.03.15


The death of Nemtsov equals the deaths of how many children in the Donbass? We’ve had enough whining and crying about this punk! Did they cry for the kids killed in the Donbass? Those scumbags supported those shootings! Forgive us for shortening your life. Mr Nemtsov supported those who killed this girl. Hey, McCain, any drop of care about this innocent baby? Or, is this just COLLATERAL DAMAGE? All of these phonies weep and whine about this scumbag! Who mourns for this child, killed in the Donbass by executioners supported by that bastard Nemtsov?


Aleksandr Averkov

This girl’s name was Sofiya. They killed her on 27 August 2014 in the Donbass. Nemtsov supported those who killed her. However, they raise a howl over Nemtsov’s death, but the death of this girl went unnoticed. The question arises… why was Sofiya’s life CHEAPER than Nemtsov’s life?


Michael Tereshko

It doesn’t surprise me that the people in the West, especially in the USA, are totally unaware of what a scumbag Boris Nemtsov was. He was part of Yeltsin’s rat pack that raped Russia during the 1990s. When his boss finally stepped down from the presidency under the threat of prosecution for crimes against the Russian people, Nemtsov moved away from politics, but kept on wheeling and dealing. You can be sure that he had major connections in organised crime circles. In any case, the 30,000-50,000 that crawled out from under their rocks to mourn this lowlife are just a drop in the bucket. The Russian people across the country know what he really was… a lowlife bloodsucker who lived high while pensioners scavenged in rubbish bins for their next meal. If I ever go back for a visit, I’ll be sure to take some time out to piss on his grave!

1 March 2015




This is why the sucking up to the Uniates by Freddie M-G, Paffhausen, and Vassa Larina is so obscene, beyond-the-pale, and blasphemous. Our children die at the hands of fanatic Galician Uniate/schismatic nationalists… those I named suck up to their Uniate murderers. I say, “The tree is known by the fruit thereof”… and we all know Who said that…

One last thing… the crowd that came out for the Nemtsov march wasn’t even one percent of Moscow’s population. That’s why Putin allowed it… he knows that he has the support of the majority of the people, so, he knows that these loud, posturing, and smarmy scumbags can’t hurt him. I say, “Expel these bastards to the West, so that they can experience the joys of a Free Market ‘recession’ at first hand”. Yes… that would be a PERFECT punishment for them! Paffso, Freddie, Potapov, and Vassa could run a soup kitchen for them!


A Prophecy of Elder Iona of Odessa… A Spot-On Description of the Meltdown of the Ukrainian Pseudo-State

00 In memory of those killed in the ukraine. 05.05.14


The Smuta in a country smaller than Russia will come a year after my death. The Smuta will continue for two years, after which a Russian tsar will arrive. The first Easter will be full of blood, the second with hunger, and the third with victory.

Elder Iona of Odessa


On a separate occasion, he emphasised that there isn’t a separate Ukraine or a separate Russia, but one Holy Rus. Elder Iona died in December 2012 (the Evromaidantsy Smuta began in November-December 2013). The Troubles have gone on for 16 months, that is, two-thirds of the two years prophesied by Elder Iona. We had the first bloody Easter already. There is a shortage of food, utilities, and heat (indeed, all normal necessities) in Kiev… the ordinary people in Kiev will starve as the satanic pro-American satraps such as Yatsenyuk and Klichko party hearty and smash their cudgels into the people’s faces. The present Ukrainian pseudo-state can’t continue… the currency is becoming more worthless than a Magyar pengő, the economy is dead, men refuse to report for conscription, those pressganged into service refuse to fight… no one believes in the notional airy-fairy construct known as the “Ukraine” except for some Galician Uniate/schismatical nutters.

However… as Chukcha would say… just because the Ukrainian pseudo-state is dead doesn’t mean that it’ll shuffle off quietly into that dark night. The USA has staked its reputation on its survival. The Americans don’t have the resources to intervene to any good effect, but the Anglo Americans stupidly believe their own bullshit. The next 90 days will be crucial… Obama’s miscues are mainly due to his trying not to be blindsided by his domestic Republican critics… he’s a domestic policy expert who doesn’t care about foreign policy (that’s why Chilly Hilly took over the State Department, she got away with a lot, as Obama didn’t care about foreign affairs, until an internal Democratic coup ousted her in favour of the clueless Kerry).

Shall it end as Elder Iona predicted? Remember… in Orthodoxy, prophecy is NOT “what will be”, but “what could be”. Free Will is NEVER out of the equation. Shall we coöperate with God or shall we go against him, as the US Republican Party has done in a major way? You can stand with Christ and His Saints, or, you can stand with Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Rush Limbaugh. That IS the choice… choose well.

What does that tell us about the Orthodox who’ve chosen to serve the Western Moloch? Yes, what does it tell us?


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