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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

In What We Trust? Americans Turning Away From Religion in Record Numbers

01 Westboro Baptist Church Phelps protestor


A growing number of Americans don’t identify with any particular religious denomination, preferring instead to say “none of the above”. These “nones” are more politically liberal, have higher education levels, and higher incomes. These days, a Pew Research study found that there are more religiously unaffiliated people in the USA than at any other time in history. That study found that 30 percent say that they believe in “God or a universal spirit” and 20 percent said that they pray every day, the “none of the above” far outnumber anyone else. The poll found that even though some religious groups, such as “Born-Again Evangelicals”, grew percentage-wise, the “nones” are more numerous, and that includes a third of Americans under 30. The Public Religion Research Institute just came out with its American Values Atlas, and it finds that for the very first time, Protestants are no longer the majority religious group in the country, comprising only 47 percent. The “religiously unaffiliated” come in second, tying Catholics at 22 percent. Researchers also found that unaffiliateds are the majority in 13 states, including New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington State. Conversely, residents in the South reported greater religious affiliation. PRRI Research Director Dan Cox told Alternet,  “The American religious landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation that’s fundamentally reshaping American politics and culture”. PRRI also found that 15 states where the unaffiliated represent the second-largest group, and PRRI researchers say that they expect the trend to grow.

3 March 2015

Sputnik International



This is BAD NEWS for the GOP. They’ve staked it all on appealing to Evangelical Know-Nothings. That group is going to shrink. I think that the Republicans are going to become a permanent minority party based in the South and in other areas where fundies have clout. Othrwise, they’re out of the deal… thankfully.



3 March 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is the Ukraine… ANY QUESTIONS?

00 ukrainian shop. 03.03.15


Look at the above image. Stratfor claims that RUSSIA is going down the shitter. I’d say that they’re not only lying sacks o’ shit with connections to the worst politicians in the USA, they’re thieves who take money under false pretence. Then again, they’re from Texas, which has the most crank political/business culture in the nation. Russia isn’t going down the chute… but the Ukraine is! There’s no run on the shops in Russia… there’s no hyperinflation… there’s no mega-unemployment. What do you do with lying Free Market buccaneer scumbags who pretend that they’re an intelligence agency? You don’t give them your business, that’s what! No small business with less than 200 employees is a “shadow CIA”… anyone who believes that is crackbrained and an ignoranus on the level of Rush Limbaugh and Rod Dreher. “Rush n’ Rod”… sounds like two sleazy used-car salesmen, doesn’t it? Reflect on the fact that that’s the sort of person that the Republican Party gushes over, and you’ll come a long way in understanding why Americans aren’t getting the present Ukrainian situation right.

Look at the above image. That’s Free Market Crapitalism at work… Rush n’ Rod are two of its biggest cheerleaders… connect the dots…


3 March 2015. Pray for Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral!

00 Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral. Pray for Peace. 08.02


Recently, Vladyki Hilarion was in hospital in Sydney for atrial fibrillation and has now had a cardioversion. He’s now resting at his residence under the care of his doctors. Every single person who has met Metropolitan Hilarion knows how truly saintly this man is. He’s beloved by so many faithful. Please, pray for his quick recovery, as he leads the ROCOR through these turbulent and difficult times. There is no one finer than this man to lead this Church at this moment in history!

3 March 2015

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Snowden Better Stay in Russia… “Betray-Us” Gets Slap on Wrist

00 Thank You Edward  Snowden

Eddie Snowden is a hero… David “Betray Us” Petraeus is a pig. Note well that all of the rightwing punditocracy loved him… it shows you the depth of their character, doesn’t it? Depressingly shallow, isn’t it?


Read this. Petraeus got the velvet-glove treatment. He knows much about Langley and the inner workings of the District… so, IF he goes to prison, it’ll be to a “country club” facility where he won’t have to worry about Bubba cornholing him without vaseline on the first night. This proves that “justice” in the USA depends on who and what you know, and who you blow. Eddie… stay in Moscow… you’d disappear, killed in the shower in some fed pen. Use your brains… this travesty should be a lesson to you. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN ANGLO AMERICA.


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