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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Snowden Better Stay in Russia… “Betray-Us” Gets Slap on Wrist

00 Thank You Edward  Snowden

Eddie Snowden is a hero… David “Betray Us” Petraeus is a pig. Note well that all of the rightwing punditocracy loved him… it shows you the depth of their character, doesn’t it? Depressingly shallow, isn’t it?


Read this. Petraeus got the velvet-glove treatment. He knows much about Langley and the inner workings of the District… so, IF he goes to prison, it’ll be to a “country club” facility where he won’t have to worry about Bubba cornholing him without vaseline on the first night. This proves that “justice” in the USA depends on who and what you know, and who you blow. Eddie… stay in Moscow… you’d disappear, killed in the shower in some fed pen. Use your brains… this travesty should be a lesson to you. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN ANGLO AMERICA.



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