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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Orthodox Search Engine Hacked After Five Hours… Smells Like Uniate Hackers…

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As they pushed the test run button to begin it, the developers of a new Orthodox search engine said, “Seek and ye shall find”. However, hackers brought down the site just five hours after it appeared online. As the Orthodox Church gains broader influence in Russia and around world, Russian feature film director Yuri Grymov decided to try to connect like-minded people by creating an Orthodox search engine and social network. The results of his labours saw the red ribbon cut Tuesday… but the triumphant mood didn’t last for long. On Wednesday, Grymov told TASS, “Yesterday, we launched the site in test run mode. However, after just five hours, someone attacked it. I’m so surprised and upset that constructive ideas are like burrs in the saddle to some”. The site remained non-operational Wednesday night, with the main page claiming a DDoS-attack.

4 March 2015




“We’re All OK”… The First Bear Woke Up from Hibernation at the Lugansk Zoopark… Spring is on its Way

00 lugansk zoopark. 04.03.15


On 2 March, Lugansk Zoopark keeper Dmitri Khitryuk told visitors, “We’e all OK. The Gorispolkom* owns the Lugansk House of Animals at the Unified Park of Culture and Rest. We’re self-sufficient, so, we don’t depend on government funding. Despite the fact that we had to suspend operations at the zoopark last year, we were able to save all the animals. To help save the animals, local people brought in all kinds of food. The Lugansk meatpacking plant gave us a lot of help in feeding the predators… lions, bears, foxes, and wolves. People didn’t stop to help us feed the animals, and they still collect all kinds of goodies for our beasts. However, we need all kinds of edibles, as our little family is very diverse… we have herbivorous beavers and deer, raccoons love fish, whilst dogs and monkeys are omnivores. Fortunately, life here goes on as usual. We hope that there’d be peace in Lugansk this spring so that we could begin normal operations again. The world needs not only people, but also animals”. The Lugansk Zoopark admits visitors with the beginning of spring. The official opening of the zoo-year takes place on 1 May.

  • Gorispolkom: City Executive Committee

3 March 2015


Four-legged forecasters at the Lugansk Zoopark predict the beginning of spring… on 2 March, the first Himalayan Bear woke up from hibernation. Zookeeper Dmitri Khitryuk said, “Krosh was the first harbinger of spring. The bear woke up as he should; normally, they come out of hibernation as soon as the temperature reaches 5.4 degrees (42 degrees Fahrenheit). As soon as he got up, the bear showed an appetite… he had some delicious treats. Gradually, the keepers will give him more vegetables, then, they’ll add meat to his diet. Different names for the Himalayan Black Bear are Asian, Himalayan, or Moon Bear. The main distinction of this forest denizen is a white moon-shaped stripe on his chest. Krosh is the only Himalayan Bear in the Lugansk Zoopark. His keepers invited the public to bring Krosh goodies. This king of the forest is omnivorous … he likes pine nuts, acorns, leaves, fruit, pine cones, insects, and fish.

4 March 2015

Liliya Levitskaya

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4 March 2015. “I Am the Russian Occupier!”

00 Baikonur rocket launch. Russian. 06.04.14


I am the Russian occupier!


I am Russian!


Slavs do NOT give up! God IS with us!


The Anglo American toddlers stamp their feet and demand that the rest of the world kiss their ass or else. Russia can turn the American heartland into a smouldering cinder of radioactive ash… that’s why the Anglo toddlers hate us and our civilisation. The next weeks shall be dangerous… not only are the Anglos toddlers, they have the bomb and they’ve been irresponsible enough to use it in war. May God preserve us all…

By the way… the only way that the “superior” Americans can go into space is in “inferior” RUSSIAN spacecraft. That’s a direct result of Republican warmongering and giveaways to the Affluent Effluent. Fancy that…


Russia is NOT Isolated… Here’s China’s Take on America’s Hegemonist Boasts

00 Sergei Korsun. China and India. 14.08.14


US President Barack Obama’s criticism of the upcoming PRC counterterrorism law is utterly groundless and another sign of the arrogance and hypocrisy of American foreign policy. Although the enactment of a Chinese law is our internal affair, Obama insisted that the measure, which would require technology firms to give Chinese authorities surveillance access to collect intelligence about terrorists, is “something they’re going to have to change if they’re to do business with the USA”. To begin with, the provisions have the sole purpose of acquiring more and better counterterrorism intelligence, as China faces severe threats from various domestic terrorists, for instance, the so-called “East Turkestan Liberation Organisation”. Nowadays, Terrorists use up-to-date modern technologies for communications and collaboration. It’s become a common practise in many Western countries, including the USA itself, to keep a close watch on the Internet and telecommunication networks for possible hints of terrorism and other criminal activities. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Security Agency both have access to the equipment of major American technology firms. In 2014, FBI Director James Comey publicly warned companies like Apple and Google against using encryption that law enforcement authorities couldn’t break.

Whilst defending the legitimacy and necessity of similar behaviours in his own country, Obama’s criticism of Chinese counterterrorism law obviously shows the selfishness and hypocrisy of American foreign policy. Secondly, the PRC will carry out surveillance of terrorism actions on internet equipment and telecommunication companies in China strictly in accordance with the law. With transparent procedures, China’s anti-terrorism campaign will be different from what the USA has done… letting surveillance authorities run amok and turn counterterrorism into paranoid espionage and peeping on civilians and allies. In fact, the same paranoid and narrow-mindedness, as demonstrated by the overreaction of Obama and his cabinet members to the provisions in the PRC anti-terrorism law, has also denied Chinese technology companies’ access to the American market. Contrary to American accusations, China’s anti-terror law puts no unfair regulatory pressures on foreign companies, because the provisions will apply to both domestic and foreign firms. Moreover, to win the global fight against terrorism, Obama and his government should treat China on equal terms and stop making foreign policies based on realpolitik and the short-term pursuit of its own unilateral interests. Less than three weeks after Obama held a “counterterrorism summit” in Washington and referred to terrorism as one of the greatest threats in this generation, the president has begun to slam the counter-terrorism efforts of another country, which makes people naturally question the real intentions of such accusations. China’s new counterterrorism law can help fight terrorism in a better and more effective way. Any setback of terrorists is a victory of all countries. The sooner Obama and his government understand this, the better will the world benefit.

4 March 2015




Russia is NOT isolated… in fact, the USA and its Western European/Anglosphere allies are becoming so. The Chinese and Russians have more patience than the Anglo greedster toddlers do. I’d bet on “Red”… as in Chinese/Russian socialism, and not on “black”… as in American/Evangelical nihilism. That’s my tip…


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