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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dumb-da-Dumb-Dumb… Americans Send 300 “Instructors” to Galicia to Train Uniate Murderers… I Think that They’re Already Proficient Killers… They’ll Never be Proficient Soldiers

00 American soldiers. 05.03.15


On Thursday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative Aleksandr Lukashevich announced, “American servicemen have gone to Lvov Oblast to train Ukrainian soldiers (sic)”. Previously, the USA announced that it planned to send at least 300 troops from 5 March until 21 October to train junta militants. The American soldiers will deploy to the Yavorov International Peacekeeping and Security Centre (IPSC). The USA provided the illegitimate junta with economic and non-lethal military support since the beginning of the junta’s aggression against Novorossiya last April. Lukashevich added that even though the situation in Novorossiya is stabilising thanks to the Minsk accords, the USA is still planning to send weapons to the junta, saying, “A continual flow of reports that the USA will begin mass deliveries of weapons to the Ukraine calls forth serious concern. The [US] Congress is considering a special law that’d provide 1 billion USD (60.83 billion Roubles. 6.27 billion Renminbi. 62.38 billion INR. 1.25 billion CAD. 1.29 billion AUD. 909 million Euros. 657 million UK Pounds) to equip and train Ukrainian troops (sic), as if Washington is ready to take over their full maintenance”.

5 March 2015

Sputnik International



This is much less than it appears to be. Firstly, not all 300 troops are instructors. Besides the teaching staff, there are personnel to run a small “base” for the mission’s duration. Secondly, there’s no way of knowing what language skills, if any, the mission has. Are they all Galician speakers? If so, how many speak Russian or Surzhik? Or, are they going to ignore personnel who speak Russian and Surzhik, and concentrate solely on Galician hillbillies? Thirdly, the present military doctrine of the junta forces is Soviet/Russian (with an organisation to reflect it)… the American instructors wouldn’t teach that. In other words, there’s a great possibility of misunderstanding, not only due to language difficulties (for I’m convinced that few of the mission members have the appropriate skill-set), but also due to the fact that Americans and “Ukrainians” have different conceptions due to divergent military doctrines (not to mention the serious cultural differences).

That’s only the BEGINNING of the possible snafus. On top of that, the junta forces use Soviet/Russian ordnance, and aren’t familiar with NATO/American models. Is the USA going to bring in NATO arms? This would introduce a logistics nightmare. Think of the problems in providing proper spares and munitions under the best of conditions… hmm… the junta-misruled “Ukraine” is NOT the “best of conditions”. In addition, how long are the training courses to be? Is the junta going to suspend offensive operations until the mission is over? Are the courses going to be restricted to English-speaking junta militants, or is there going to be an attempt to teach non-English-speakers? All of this is happening in the midst of a shooting war. Do note that the mission is going to operate in the Far West… that means that, deep down, the Americans have no faith in the junta forces’ ability to hold ANY of tsarist Novorossiya. In short, there are numerous cowpats in that there field, and there are abundant opportunities for a serious and debilitating clusterfuck.

To speak frankly, this is another desperate and frantic American move. They truly can’t save their puppets, but they’re going to try. God willing, there’ll be no war, but this ups the ante to an unconscionable degree. May God preserve us… the American pols have gone mad…



5 March 2015. How DO We Cut Ourselves Free from the Fear of Terrorism… Pay the Western Media No Heed

00 no to terrorism. 05.03.15


It’s simple. Use the remote and click “off” to CNN and to Fox… don’t read the NY Times or the Washington Post… don’t give heed to the National Review, The Economist, or the American Conservative (Taki and Dreher are fans of the fascist Golden Dawn goons). Give short shrift to George Will, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin. They’re peddling rank n’ obvious bullshit. They’re setting up the USA for another defeat like the one it suffered in South Ossetia in 2008. Listen to RT… to Press TV… to al-Jazeera… to Xinhua… then, look at the American propaganda through the lens the foreign media gives you. Trust me, you’ll end by not trusting most of what passes for “news” in the American media.

American Orthodox people… you KNOW who the plug-uglies are, I don’t have to name them. However, you can stand with creeps who work for Radio Liberty, the NY Times, the American Conservative, and NPR… or you can stand with our suffering coreligionists in Novorossiya… it’s your choice…


5 March 2015. The Lenten Prayer of St Efrem the Syrian

00 prayer of st efrem. 05.03.15

5 March 2015. The Revival Will NOT be Televised…

00 NO one comes to the Father. 05.03.15

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