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Saturday, 7 March 2015

7 March 2015. The Rada Election of 2014: Novorossiya and Malorossiya Clearly Delineated (Also Bukovina and Podkarpatskaya Too!)

00 Turnout in 2014 Rada election. 01.03


Do you want to know where Malorossiya is? That’s the area that’s mostly “green”. Do you want to know where Novorossiya is? That’s the area that’s mostly “orange-red”. These regions are easy to pick out, and they haven’t changed since 1991. The boundaries are those of the oblasts… do note that in the southwest two oblasts had lower turnout. The one with red is Podkarpatskaya, where the Rusin and Magyar hate the Galicians. The other, with slightly more voting, is Chernovtsy Oblast (Bukovina)… the Romanians hate the Galicians with the same intensity as the Rusins and Magyars do. Here’s the interesting point… virtually all groups, no matter on the level of their participation in the 2014 election, oppose the war and oppose the junta’s conscription campaign. They all evade the Voenkom. In other words, the junta didn’t unite anyone… on the contrary, they may have made things worse. This is a map to ponder.



7 March 2015. And He Shall Judge Among the Nations… How Much Longer?

00 and he shall judge among the nations. 07.03


Yes… how much longer? Dear Lord, bring it to an end…


7 March 2015. Come, Let Us Receive the Light… Ethiopian Pilgrims in the Holy City of Jerusalem

00 Ethiopian. Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 07.03.15


Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church pilgrims at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem (occupied Palestine) on the Holy Easter… the Orthosphere enfleshed…


Kosachyov Sez Russia Could Support Independent Novorossiya

00 support free novorossiya. 15.06.14


K I Kosachyov, RF Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, told Kommersant FM that Russia could support independence for the LNR and DNR if all other routes to peace are fruitless, saying, “Here, Russia shouldn’t say, ‘No, you must be a territorially integral state’, or, ‘No, you’ll never be a territorially integral state’, or, ‘Only a federal state’ or “Only autonomy’, or ‘Only decentralisation'”. Kosachyov noted that if the question were to support an independent Novorossiya or an independent LNR/DNR, Russia would consider that, stating, “If and when we exhaust all other possibilities to achieve a political solution, I don’t rule out this possibility”.

6 March 2015

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