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Sunday, 8 March 2015

8 March 2015. The Pravoslavny Grumpy Cat on “Springing Forward”

00 grumpy cat. time change. 08.03.15


The Pravoslavny Grumpy Cat gives us his unique perspective on the time change in America today… somehow, I don’t think that he was alone…



8 March 2015. The UPA Led to Rukh Which Led to the Right Sector… Those Rotten Apples Fell Right Under that Scurvy Tree

00 nkvd grandpa in the western ukraine. 08.03.15


In the 40s and 50s, the local population helped the Chekists root out the UPA terrorists. Today, if patriot forces were to enter Galicia, the locals would help them root out the Right Sector Uniate terrorists. You see, the Right Sector are the sons and grandsons of the UPA… well, didn’t the loyal good people of Galicia have sons and grandsons too? You see, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” cuts both ways. Yes, it means that the kids of the UPA turned out POS murderers, just like their dedi and pops. However, it also means that the good people of Galicia had kids, too… they’re hiding out from the Voenkom now, they don’t want to fight in the evil war of aggression in Novorossiya. When the American-led Uniate junta goes into the shitter, trust me, there’s gonna be a whole lotta settlin’ of scores in the Lvovshchina. Watch the bullies run… those not caught by the decent locals will end in Chicago and Saskatoon, full of boasts about how they whipped the Moskals… I’d say, “They’re not sayin’ it in Lvov, are they?” Think on that.


8 MArch 2015. From the Russian Web… What Your Cat Can Do For You… Save You From Monsters!

00 cat. 08.03.15


That’s what the caption said… “Your cat can save you from monsters”. I wouldn’t want to put this one to the test…


Americans Wet Their Pants! Russian Aircraft Used NATO Ships as Simulated Targets

00 Russian Air Force fighters. 04.05.14


According to TVN24.pl, citing Sputniknews.com, Russians air units used NATO ships in the Black Sea as simulated targets in their exercises. On 3 March, Su-30 and Su-24 bombers based in the Crimea made a simulated attack on the American cruiser USS Vicksburg and the Turkish frigate Turgut Reis. The purpose of the exercise was to test tactics used to “overcome air defence” of cruisers and frigates, which meant that they tested antishipping tactics. Finally, the Russian aircraft buzzed the NATO ships. Exercises of this scale against “enemy” units are very rare. In the past, most were instances of individual aircraft doing such, such as in April 2014, when an Su-24 flew very close to an American destroyer in the Black Sea. The commander of the USS Donald Cook said that it was a “provocative” act.

8 March 2015




It looked like the Americans peed their pants in fright twice. They like handing it out, but like all bullies, they don’t like taking it. Let’s not be coy… the American naval superiority means NOTHING in the Black Sea. With that out, the intheatre American forces are inferior to the intheatre Russian forces. Therefore, any noise from the USA is nothing but the gumming of a toothless and bootless Rubber Lion. Russia holds the trumps… and Vova has the black belt, doesn’t he?


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