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Sunday, 8 March 2015

8 March 2015. The UPA Led to Rukh Which Led to the Right Sector… Those Rotten Apples Fell Right Under that Scurvy Tree

00 nkvd grandpa in the western ukraine. 08.03.15


In the 40s and 50s, the local population helped the Chekists root out the UPA terrorists. Today, if patriot forces were to enter Galicia, the locals would help them root out the Right Sector Uniate terrorists. You see, the Right Sector are the sons and grandsons of the UPA… well, didn’t the loyal good people of Galicia have sons and grandsons too? You see, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” cuts both ways. Yes, it means that the kids of the UPA turned out POS murderers, just like their dedi and pops. However, it also means that the good people of Galicia had kids, too… they’re hiding out from the Voenkom now, they don’t want to fight in the evil war of aggression in Novorossiya. When the American-led Uniate junta goes into the shitter, trust me, there’s gonna be a whole lotta settlin’ of scores in the Lvovshchina. Watch the bullies run… those not caught by the decent locals will end in Chicago and Saskatoon, full of boasts about how they whipped the Moskals… I’d say, “They’re not sayin’ it in Lvov, are they?” Think on that.


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