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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Junta Militants Shelled DNR Territory

00 donetsk. shell damage. 08.03.15


On Sunday, the DNR Minoborony reported that junta forces fired tank guns and 12-cm mortars at the VSN, stating that junta militants fired on VSN positions at least 25 times, saying, “Within the last 24 hours, we registered about 25 instances of shellfire, nine of which were during the night”. On Saturday, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko said, “We’ve fully withdrawn our weapons from the line of engagement, but the Ukraine hasn’t done its part”. Zakharchenko added that if Kiev continued to flout the Minsk agreements, he’d make a special statement, and the VSN would return heavy weapons to their earlier locations.

8 March 2015



8 March 2015. 8 Марта… It’s International Women’s Day… с Праздником!

00 8 March 01. International Womens Day. 08.03.15


00 8 March 02. International Womens Day. 08.03.15


00 8 March 03. International Womens Day. 08.03.15


00 8 March 04. International Womens Day. 08.03.15


Here’s one of the old Sov holidays that the people refused to abandon. Sadly, in the “Ukraine”, the Galician Uniate neofascists are trying to stamp it out. Trust me, the people in the DNR and the LNR are keeping it alive… the rest of Novorossiya is keeping it alive… mostly everyone else is keeping it alive. So, it’s our day, girls. 8 March… to the feast! Socialism IS good!


8 March 2015. Purge Me With Hyssop, and I Shall be Clean… The Holy Mystery of Absolution

00 Purge Me WIth Hyssop. 08.03.15


8 March 2015. Have Mercy Upon Me, O God…

00 Have Mercy on Me O God. 08.03


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