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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

BREAKING NEWS… 10 March 2015. Archbishop Adam Dubec of Przemysl-Nowosądecka (Church of Poland) Dies at 88 (UPDATE: His SISTER Died)

00 Archbishop Adam Dubec. Polish OC. 10.03.15



An hour or so after I had vetted this with a second source, more news came out… it was the bishop’s SISTER who died. I’m keeping this up. I’m not going to remove it, as I don’t believe in throwing things down the memory hole to make myself look perfect. I’m not a Rod Dreher… I take responsibility for errors. Even with the best of checking, shit happens, and it when it does, you step up and fess up. I do so.



This just came in, I have no further intel. Archbishop Adam Dubec of Przemysl-Nowosądecka (Church of Poland) just died. He was 88-years-old. I’ll post more when I get it…

Вечная ему память



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