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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Uniate Pigs in Canada Sanction Aleksandr Zaldostanov, Head of Night Wolves MC

00 Night Wolves MC. Russia. 23.01.15


Read this. As everyone knows, there are an insane number of Galicians in Western Canada… they’re big enough to have political influence. Therefore, the Canadian government often kisses the asses of the Uniates in re the “Ukraine”. That’s what this is. However, we should deal with it as “the Surgeon” does. He wears their attack proudly as a medal… which it is! You can gauge the calibre of a person by looking at their enemies. The Uniates, who’re heretics, Nazi collaborators (or family of same), and rebels, hate the Surgeon. Therefore, he’s a cool guy… he speaks plainly… he doesn’t back down before fascist pigs. Neither should we … they scream, “Knife the Moskals!” Don’t reply in kind… oppose them… oppose them with all your might. Their fraud and imposture will NOT pass.

Ease on down the road, bro… you’re Numero Uno in my book..



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