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Thursday, 12 March 2015

12 March 2015. BBC Scared Shitless of Russo-Greek Alliance

00 Bravo Greek Crisis. 07.12. Political cartoon

The West shit all over Greece… they’re SURPRISED that Greece wants to turn to Russia? The hubris of the West (Anglo Americans in particular) is spectacularly mindboggling. They truly think that they can fuck people over indefinitely. They are in for an education, aren’t they?


Read this. The strident and hubristical tone is just amazing. Yes… they truly do think this. It’s like Lyonyo and his daughter Sofiya here in the USA… he whores for the CFR and she whores for the American media (the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree on this one)… I do daresay that both of them believe the shit that they peddle. After all, in their world everybody thinks the same… there’s no dissent. We’re dirt under their feet. The BBC has the same attitude… we ungrateful peasants have to understand that they’re enlightened and that they truly know best, that they’re doing everything for our betterment. Of course, they get a larger slice of the pie… THEY DESERVE IT. It reminds me of the old Chukcha joke:

“Chukcha go to Moscow, where they do everything for socialism, for the betterment of man. However… Chukcha… he even see this man!”

Read the BBC rant in that spirit and you’ll find out much about the Western leadership class. Fairly nauseating, isn’t it?



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