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Thursday, 12 March 2015

12 March 2105. I’ve Broken the “11-11” Barrier…

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Led Zeppelin, Thank You


I broke the “11-11” barrier in followers today… that is, I’m over 1,111 followers. One of the Cabinet asked me about OCA news… I said to them, “Thank God, none! It means that people are no longer fighting, but trying to patch up what happened”. Recently, despite fact-checking, I fell down. My policy is to take reports, but then check them with those in the country involved. I asked a friend in Poland about it, and they said, “That’s what I heard too”. However, once I decide to run with a story… THE RESPONSIBILITY IS MINE ALONE. NO ONE ELSE. That is, my errors are MY errors, and that’s how I present them. If you want perfection… it ain’t here… I’ll tell ya what, though… when you find it, please, tell me… I’ve been looking for it for 61 years, and I haven’t found it yet. Maybe, I need some help…

Pass the jug and cheer… youse guys are why I’m here. Remember, “love rules this house”… if it doesn’t, I needn’t go on, need I? Be good all of you and THANKS…


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