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Friday, 13 March 2015

13 March 2015. More People on Facebook (and in Real Life) Should Do This…

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Recently, one of my Facebook “friends” made a very wise move. A discussion was developing on one of his posts that he didn’t care for. He spoke up! Good on him, I say. A great deal of the trouble that we face out there is due to people being quiet when they should speak (or vice versa) or to folks not knowing to set limits (or to tromp past those posted). If you’re on Facebook, and you don’t like the way something’s developing in the commboxes, speak up! The real-deal decent people will respect you for it… the asshats… well, you don’t wunt such sorts around anywho. It’s your page… not theirs! The same is true in real life… you can set limits in your life and you can speak up if someone barges in where they shouldn’t. Again, decent folks will applaud and say, “Good on you”.

Let’s raise a glass to those who have the guts to say, “Enough”… we need more, not less, of that sort of gumption in the world. This gives me a GOOD feeling…



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