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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Night Wolves MC Sends Medical Supplies to Lugansk… Zaldostanov Eases on Down the Road… Those American Sanctions Sure Ain’t Slowing Him Down!

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Today, the Night Wolves MC delivered three mechanical ventilators, medicines, and surgical supplies to the Lugansk Republic Clinical Hospital as part of their charitable good works. Once again, the bikers showed how much that they care for the fate of Lugansk. Vitaly “Prokuror” (“the Procurator”), the head of the Donbass chapter of the Night Wolves, said, “We brought the last 3 ventilators of the promised 17, which got sent all over [the LNR]. Our leader, Aleksandr the Surgeon, sent them from the guys at the Moscow chapter. We sincerely want to help the people of the LNR”. On 10 March, the Night Wolves donated ventilators to the Lugansk City Polyclinic nr 2, and delivered humanitarian aid to stricken Pervomaisk, heavily damaged in the late fighting. Earlier, the club sent aid to other stricken areas. The Night Wolves send aid to Novorossiya on a regular basis. Therefore, the USA imposed sanctions against the club.

14 March 2015

Viktoriya Tolkachyova

MIA Istok



The USA issues sanctions against A S Zaldostanov, the head of the Night Wolves, for his selfless patriotic work and genuine aid to the Novorossiyan patriots… it gives rewards and praise to shameless rightwing liars like Victor Potapov who works for Radio Liberty broadcasting black propaganda fantasy against the Rodina. Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”. There are good trees and there are bad trees… it doesn’t require a kandidatura to figure it out…



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